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Case Study: FTI Consulting

November 7, 2015 BY Aakash Gupta

So here you are, looking for a new software that you’ll depend on for some of the most crucial facets of your business operations. How about knowing if it has been tried and tested by other companies you know? That’s why we sat down with Anna Powell from FTI Consulting (a business advisory firm specializing…

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Case Study: Siemens AG

October 23, 2015 BY Aakash Gupta

When you’re looking at new software that you’ll depend on for some of the most crucial facets of your business operations, there is confidence in knowing it has been tried and tested by other companies you know and trust. That’s why we sat down with one of the users within the process industries and drives…

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5 Scheduling Nightmares: Why you shouldn’t use Excel for Planning Resources

October 9, 2015 BY Aakash Gupta

Running a company comes down to managing people properly more than anything else. So why do so many firms rely on primitive Excel spreadsheet software to manage highly-important and repetitive resource scheduling? Sure, it seems like an easy way to get up and running but the cumbersome nature of spreadsheet software combined with a lack…

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Criticality of resource management software for multi-project environment

June 16, 2015 BY Aakash Gupta

In our current day and age, resources are rarely booked onto a single project at a time with little spare capacity for additional work. These resources are noted for their key skills and qualifications from previous tasks- will be overbooked on a large number of projects. And the moment another critical project comes on board,…

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Resource planning solutions for the engineering sector

December 16, 2014 BY Aakash Gupta

Resource and project managers spend a great deal of time in communicating the need and availability of engineers suitable for their project work. Days will be wasted moving back and forth with resource managers searching through existing excel sheets and interacting with other managers and associates to see if such a resource is available or…

Engineering and Construction Productivity Spreadsheets Strategy
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Mobilising Masses of Moving Resources

July 18, 2014 BY Aakash Gupta

It is complicated dealing with large numbers of human resources and coordinating them across different locations, especially when they’re moving around. It remains complicated even if you have spreadsheets and tables to support you. What’s the alternative? Ideally when coordinating large numbers of mobile people across a project, organization or campaign, one should use resource…

Capacity Planning Resource Management Spreadsheets Strategy
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Resource Management Software should be tailored to your business – not the other way around

January 28, 2013 BY Aakash Gupta

Software solutions have a tendency to promote how useful they are and highlight all their benefits; however one never knows the challenges they will face from their new software. One common problem many companies face is, despite all that is promised, the design of a lot of software suits only a certain type of work,…

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