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Improving Public Sector Efficiency Using Resource Scheduling Software

March 11, 2015 BY Om Prakash

With pressures on the rise in the public sector, maintaining efficiency is more challenging than ever. Budgetary limitations, resource management issues and poor communication are among the main culprits in creating problems. The question is: how can resources be managed efficiently while maintaining compliance in all other areas? Resource scheduling software is an integral component…

Capacity Planning Resource Management Strategy
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Manage your ‘resources’ like they matter

February 9, 2015 BY Mahendra Gupta

Over the past couple of centuries there has been an evolution in the concept of workers. Once workers were acknowledged as people who had needs, desires, families and beliefs, however through a gradual move towards mass production, larger companies and shareholder driven profits, workers have increasingly become assumed to be faceless entities. Today, they are…

Productivity Resource Management Strategy
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Matrix management: Scheduling your resources in a complicated world

August 4, 2014 BY Mahendra Gupta

Is Matrix Management a complicated word? Or is matrix management a simple word in a complicated world? Matrix management has been created to simplify management in the companies of the 21st century. Despite many businesses implementing such management, its true benefits are only realised when good resource scheduling software is utilised to support it. Businesses…

In the News Product News Resource Management Spreadsheets Strategy
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Mobilising Masses of Moving Resources

July 18, 2014 BY Aakash Gupta

It is complicated dealing with large numbers of human resources and coordinating them across different locations, especially when they’re moving around. It remains complicated even if you have spreadsheets and tables to support you. What’s the alternative? Ideally when coordinating large numbers of mobile people across a project, organization or campaign, one should use resource…

Capacity Planning Resource Management Spreadsheets Strategy
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Produce Resource Scheduling Reports at the Click of a Mouse

July 12, 2013 BY Om Prakash

Reporting is an important part of a business’s operations, as it aids decision making, the minimising of costs, maximising of revenue, having an overall understanding of the business and for external reporting and accountability. When you are a resource manager, producing reports is an unfortunate fact of life. However it shouldn’t be an unfortunate fact,…

Resource Management
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Reducing employee costs with the wave of the technological wand

March 20, 2013 BY Mahendra Gupta

“I remember the days where I would be at work one afternoon, up to my neck in work and I would get a phone call. On the other line would be my boss telling me that the senior management was holding a meeting in a few hours about how they can cut company costs, and…

Resource Management
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Resource Management Software should be tailored to your business – not the other way around

January 28, 2013 BY Aakash Gupta

Software solutions have a tendency to promote how useful they are and highlight all their benefits; however one never knows the challenges they will face from their new software. One common problem many companies face is, despite all that is promised, the design of a lot of software suits only a certain type of work,…

Resource Management
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