How to Best Utilize IT Resources Using Resource Scheduling Software

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Have you ever noticed that majority of the IT resources in your company are underutilized? Quite obviously, if you check back on them you will notice that most of the time and money is ineffectively spent on various departments of the organization. When you receive bulk software projects from foreign-based clients, it’s very important that you have the right resources in place to handle them well. Just like any growing IT firm, you’re probably going to have branches in various locations across the globe. Not to mention, each office is going to have a pool of teams for each department such as software development, networking, operations management etc. It’s going to be very difficult to manage and keep track of the performance and functioning of each department manually. So, the best way to save time and money and reduce the burden on the management team is to use an effective Resource Scheduling Software.

Significance of a powerful tool

It’s of utmost importance to create a powerful visualization tool, to keep track of the various departments in each location. An intuitive resource scheduling tool helps you schedule, reassign, add, modify, and split the bookings. Thus, it becomes so easy to manage your resources that are spread across various locations. An ideal resource scheduling software helps you plan and schedule the tasks in units of weeks, days, hours, and even in terms of percentage – all of which can then be plotted on a daily or hourly chart and kept track of. What’s more, an effective resource scheduling tool also lets you estimate the capacity of your resources against the present and future demands. It categorizes the resources by factoring in various elements such as the skill set of the individuals, each individual’s role in the team and the requirements from the team as a whole. In the end, it helps determine whether or not there is a shortfall or excess of resources to meet the future demands.

If you are looking for an efficient resource scheduling software, the following solutions are required:

  • Plan and schedule your IT resources based on the task, project or job – With a simple drag-drop facility, you should be able to effectively manage hundreds of projects, milestones, deadlines, tasks and jobs with ease.
  • Manage planned and unplanned tasks, leaves, and vacations – The resource scheduling software should help you manage all planned and unplanned tasks including leaves, vacations, On-duty leaves etc.
  • Manage task requests from team leads and managers – The resource scheduling tools should create a simple workflow for project managers to quickly send their requests to the resource managers and assign suitable tasks to different resources.
  • Track time/cost/billing and variances: Easily capture and track time, cost, and billing for the utmost in accuracy.
  • Track various metrics like time, billing costs, and variance – the solution should offer an easy-to-maintain timesheet to help identify the gap between the estimated time, cost, and billing amount to that of the actual output.

So, why wait? Implement an efficient resource scheduling software like SAVIOM to best utilize your resources and reap the benefits.

Manage important reports with simple slice/dice & drill down facilities – SAVIOM’s Resource scheduling tools help generate heaps of powerful reports using simple slice/dice and drill down capabilities that can be displayed in multiple report formats as per your convenience.

Maximize the efficiency and output of your IT resources – When all the data and reports of your resources are neatly summarized and presented in graphical forms, you get a clear understanding of how you can organize and utilize your IT resources in a much better way.

So, if you want to improve the utility, visibility, efficiency and reduce the stress on your IT resources then Saviom Resource Scheduling Software is the right tool for you!

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