Resource Management Tool an Essential Step for the Mining Industry

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Over the last two decades the mining sector has become a crucial industry for the growing world economy. With mining extraction companies viewed as the core players of this industry, mining consultancy groups and field servicing groups have also expanded considerably, providing immeasurable support to this flourishing industry. But growth comes hand in hand with larger responsibilities and a growing number of resources to manage. But how will it achieve this? Is there such a solution?

Let’s first look at the challenges that these mining companies can face. The core common goal that companies in general share is to achieve maximum utility from their resources. The challenge in the management of mining consultancy and field service firms today is that due to the growth and increase in diversification, many companies carry out many different projects and activities. These activities are carried out across various divisions hence requiring a plethora of skills and roles. At the same time, especially within a field services firm, a resource doesn’t always mean that it consists of people. Non-human resources such as machinery are also important to consider. So a resource management solution needs to be found that can ensure maximum utility and output of its wide number of projects from its resources (both human and non-human) and at the same time be able to adapt to the pace of the company’s growth.

The solution we require is a software tool that provides the core basics of being able to efficiently assign all your resources to a suitable project without any loss in output or hiring/purchasing of any new resources. The resource or project manager within the mining firm would want the software to be able to provide certain details of the resource for a project by being able to specify the availability of the worker, whether they are part-time, fulltime or casual workers, wanting to know availability in percentage if they so desire. Information on the skills of the workers should also be available, showing the level of those skills, and that person’s primary strengths which can range from expertise in heavy vehicle maintenance to personal achievements. The software should also be able to define the different roles the employee has worked in, and what roles they desire to work in (this is something that is very helpful in retaining staff and reducing turnover). Finally, especially for field servicing companies, there should be accessible information on non-human resources. The availability, power, location and condition should be listed clearly i.e. for heavy vehicles, coal mining equipment.

The software tool also needs to prove to be adaptable and mouldable for a growing business. As stated earlier, the growth in the mining industry means the expansion of mining consulting and field service companies. If the software solution does not have the ability to be configured whenever the business grows and is only able to provide the information and the basic functionalities that were suitable only at the time of purchase, then the possible solution will prove to be weak and useless. The software needs to be able to amplify its functionality power at the same pace as the expansion of a company. Therefore the resource managing software cannot be rigid and needs to have the ability to be easily configured whenever the business grows.

Hence the final question becomes, where can you find resource management software that is configurable and will be tailored to your business? SAVIOM Resource Management Software is a great example of such software. Mining companies of different types and sizes around the world are using this to manage their scarce resources. It is a market leader in Resource Planning and Scheduling software. This software is quite affordable and easy to use.

SAVIOM is market leader in Resource Management Software. This software is quite affordable and easy to use.

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