Improving Productivity Using SAVIOM Planning and Scheduling Software

Improving employee productivity on projects can be effectively achieved by using SAVIOM employee planning and scheduling software. It is a powerful, highly configurable, collaborative, easy-to-use tool, which integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.

Visual employee scheduler with capability to drag/drop and juggle aroundSAVIOM employee scheduler has an easy-to-use and powerful visual interface with capability to drag/drop and schedule human resources against multiple projects, tasks, leave, support, training etc. You can juggle around your resources with easy move, split, copy/paste, bulk updates/add facilities.

Find the right employee for the right project as per the skill, role, availability...SAVIOM workforce planning and scheduling tool helps you in mixing and matching the right employees for the right projects across the organization with advance search on user configurable fields e.g. availability, location, skills, roles, qualifications, languages etc.

Real time planning and scheduling of employees, equipments, vehicles...SAVIOM employee planning and scheduling system helps you in planning and scheduling your valuable employees with real time information from everyone. You can also schedule other resources such as equipment, machinery, vehicles, facilities etc

Create visibility and improve utilization of your employeesIn a large organization, it is very hard to centrally keep track of activities and utilization of a diversely located workforce. SAVIOM workforce scheduling system provides security/role based information along with graphs to visualize the activities and utilization across the organization.

Accurately forecast future employee capacity and demandCapacity and demand tracking functionality in SAVIOM can accurately forecast your future employee requirements based on demand generated by both planned and unplanned activities. Gaps in employee requirement can be analysed by skill, expertise, team, department, location etc.

Workflow based employee request managementSAVIOM employee request workflow provides facilities to project managers to raise requests for employees with specific role, skill, name and availability. Then the resource manager can identify and do booking of an appropriate employee to the request.

Track actual time, cost, billing, variances etc.SAVIOM provides timesheet facility that captures actual time against bookings to track cost, billing amount and time spent against the forecast. These items can be tracked at a portfolio level as well.

Highly configurable architecture to fit around your businessSAVIOM human resource planning and scheduling tool is designed to meet the expectations of businesses with diversified needs and with varying sizes and roles within the organization. It interfaces with your existing systems and shares information across.

Flexible and powerful reports with business intelligenceSAVIOM provides you highly configurable reports with graphical capabilities and facility to do multi dimensional analysis with drill down facility and user definable filters. These reports can also be printed and exported to excel and pivot tables.

Responsive and long life employee planning and scheduling solutionSAVIOM provides you a long life enterprise solution, where functionalities can be switched on as your business grows. At the same time, major portion of our software development investment is driven by customer centric requirements. So that we can respond quickly to your changing business needs.

Resource Booking Screen

  • Identify and schedule resources based on skills and roles.
  • Allocate resources by a simple drag and drop.
  • Book resources proportionately.
  • Easily Edit Bookings.
  • Send booking confirmation e-mail.

Utilization Screen

  • See utilization of all the resources in a given date range.
  • Easily indentify under and over allocated resources.
  • Data visible in %, Hours and Days.
  • Informative graph shows resource utilization.
  • Colour scheme for quick identification.

Availability Screen

  • See availability of all resources in a given date range.
  • Easily search and indentify resources based on availability.
  • Data visible in % and Hours.
  • Informative graph shows resource availability.
  • Colour scheme for quick identification.

Capacity Vs Demand Screen

  • Compare resource demand against availability.
  • Identify resource shortages and excess based on allocation.
  • View data by hours, days and FTE (Full Time Equivalent).
  • Formulate accurate resource plans.

Resource & Job Profile

  • Search and sort resources based on skills and roles.
  • Easily maintain resource profiles.
  • View resources by Type, Team or Alphabetically.
  • Easily manage profiles of human and non human resources.

Why Saviom?

SAVIOM provides you the solution that best fits around your current and future business needs, helping you to get better value out of your limited and scarce resources. Following are unique strength of SAVIOM.

Market Leader in the Staff Planning and Scheduling Software

  • Rich market experience of more than 12 years across the broad range of industries.
  • Clients of different types and sizes in different parts of the world.
  • Pioneers in developing flexible and powerful resource allocation software.

Software that Fits Around Your Specific Business Needs

  • Software modules and views configurable as per different user roles.
  • Screens, reports and filters configurable as per your business needs.
  • User definable fields re-nameable as per your naming convention.
  • Security access rights to limit the access to the data for viewing or modification.

Powerful, Scalable and Affordable Solution

  • Powerful and configurable features available at affordable prices.
  • Highly scalable solution to meet the needs of large enterprises.
  • Downward scalable to meet the needs of small to medium size organization.

Easy to Use and Fast to Implement

  • Easy to use visual scheduler with drag and drop functionalities.
  • Standardized interface with common themes across the system
  • Configured and implemented in a matter of a few weeks

Seamless Integration with Existing Enterprise Systems

  • Generic interface with client systems using file based import.
  • Generic interface directly with the database.
  • Generic interface with industry standard products.
  • Custom built interface as per specific client needs.

Flexible and powerful financial and management reporting

  • Instant end-user configurable reports.
  • Slice/dice, graphs, drill downs, filters.
  • Printing with print preview, PDF files.
  • Export to EXCEL and PIVOT tables.
  • Integrate with a corporate data warehouse for more business intelligence.

Responsive long life solution adaptable to changing business needs

  • Switch on the functionalities as your business needs grow.
  • Customer centric product enhancement strategy.
  • Respond quickly to meet fast changing business needs.

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