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Saviom will maintain your privacy.

How does Saviom Resource Planner & Scheduler provide value?

Our Resource Planning and Scheduling Software increases employee output by improving resource scheduling efficiency and empowering management teams to make informed planning decisions. Planning issues are seen immediately and staff are efficiently utilized.

Our planning software solves the following problems encountered by Project Managers, Resources Managers, Global managers and resource schedulers worldwide:

  • Solved: Struggling with limitations of spreadsheets to allocate employees on projects, BAU, support, leave etc.
  • Solved: A hard to maintain, frequently changing schedule due to rapidly changing business dynamics.
  • Solved: Unable to accurately forecast future workload and resource requirements due to pipeline projects and non-project related activities.
  • Solved: Unable to generate up-to-date regular and ad hoc reports.
  • Solved: Unable to accurately pinpoint the right resource for the right job based on skill, location and availability.
  • Solved: Inability to integrate with existing company systems- resulting in data duplication.

The Definitive Guide for Resource Planning and Forecasting

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Resource Planning & Scheduling Software- Resource Booking

Visual Scheduler with Multi-Dimensional Viewing

SAVIOM provides a highly sophisticated visual scheduler that provides multi-dimensional viewing capabilities where you can view/edit your schedule by resource, project, team, location and several other sort-by criteria. Find out more...

Drag/Drop- Allowing you to easily Juggle and Schedule your Resource Pool

SAVIOM lets you easily move and reallocate your staff or project work, allowing you to create a flexible work schedule.These are the following highlights:

  • Easy drag/drop facility to move, split and copy/paste different bookings.
  • Bulks update facilities allowing you to delay projects, replace staff and change critical attributes.
  • Alert system to guide you through the scheduling process.
Resource Planning & Scheduling Software- Right Resource for the Right Job
Resource Planning & Scheduling Software- Utilization

Select the Right Resource for the Right Job

SAVIOM provides highly configurable resource profiling and filtering capabilities, aiding you during your selection of the appropriate resource for your project. You can filter by availability, location, skills, roles, qualifications and any other business criteria. Find out more...

Maximize your Capacity Utilization

SAVIOM provides security/role based information along with graphs to visualize activities and staff utilisation at different levels through different business dimensions.

Resource Planning & Scheduling Software- Forecast vs. Demand
Resource Planning & Scheduling Software- Talent Tracking

Accurately Forecast your Future Resource Needs

SAVIOM accounts for planned and unplanned work demand which is determined by both current and pipeline projects. This helps in:

  • Planning and recruiting an on-demand workforce ahead of time.
  • Providing ample time for retraining, relocation and recruiting.
  • Saving financial and non-financial costs of hiring and re-structuring. Find out more...
Resource Planning & Scheduling Software- Business Intelligence and Reports

Get Real-Time Business Intelligence and Reports

SAVIOM resource planning and scheduling software provides highly configurable real-time executive and management reporting capabilities. This contains slice/dice facilities with drill downs, configurable filtering and ad hoc reporting. SAVIOM provides the following:

  • Real-time OLAP for management to make timely decisions.
  • Integrates with corporate data warehouse for business intelligence.
  • Management dashboard configurable as per the business role.
Resource Planning & Scheduling Software- Configurable

Tailor Made to Fit Around Your Business

SAVIOM is designed to meet the expectations of businesses with diversified needs- catering for companies from different industries with varying sizes and roles within the organisation. This is achieved with our component based architecture where an organisation can pick and choose functionalities as per their needs- giving businesses a tailor-made system.

Collaborative Solution to Integrate with Your Existing Systems

Collaborative Solution to Integrate with Your Existing Systems

SAVIOM provides a generic, collaborative framework which integrates our software seamlessly with your existing business systems (which can either be an industry standard or home-grown system). It provides a two-way data collaboration facility so that you can maintain a single source of truth across the enterprise. Data exchange with SAVIOM can either be done in real-time or in an hourly, daily or weekly frequency.

Why Choose Saviom?

Established in 1999, we are a global organisation trusted by hundreds of companies including high profile multinationals and government organisations.
  • In more than 40 different countries with millions of resource hours scheduled worldwide.
  • 15+ years rich market experience across a broad range of industries.
  • Pioneers in developing configurable and powerful resource scheduling software.

Free Smart Trial - Customised to Your Business Needs

Saviom provides a FREE Smart Trial to help you evaluate our product exactly the way your business works with your company based scenarios. In our smart trial process, we:
  • Configure Saviom as per your business needs.
  • Demo and make sure that Saviom fits your requirements.
  • Provide you the full training and support needed before your evaluation.

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Free eBook: The Definitive Guide for Resource Planning and Forecasting April 29, 2016


"The best feature is the graphical representation through their Gant chart. In the past we were using a spreadsheet which doesn't update itself but by dragging and dropping our bookings with Saviom, you're able to immediately see the impact." Outotec
"It is the best resource planning tool that I have ever used. Its light, it doesn't have a lot of systems behind it so it is easy to operate. It doesn't get bogged down meaning it funnels and generates any information straight away. For example I can visually see in different tabs projects or resources that are important to me straight away. Highly user friendly tool unlike other resource scheduling software and doesn't have any cumbersome functionalities." Outotec
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