Reflections of 2017

November 29, 2017 By

As 2017 comes to a close, here is a special edit from our Director’s desk…

Saviom was conceived with the aim to map resources in a way that lets projects make the most out of the best skills in the industry. After all, it is people that shape up an organisation by upholding its core values!
 And as each passing year brings with it a host of important changes, it gives me great pleasure to bring to your attention, the highlights of 2017!

Om Gupta explicitly cites the reason for Saviom's birth

Starting off on a celebratory note with a slew of new clients, we had a rather jubilant first quarter. Some of the companies who began using our ERM tool in 2017 include Nike, Aurecon, KLA Tencor and Department of Border Protection Australia.

Business relationships are strengthened by mutual trust and a shared passion for problem-solving.  In addition to the expansion of our clientele, the team itself saw exponential growth this year. Two of the most energetic cities of the world – the ever-bustling London and the newly christened Silicon Valley, Bangalore, now play host to our new Sales and Marketing teams respectively.

I’ve always believed that what a young team lacks in experience, it makes up for with an infectious spirit to work hard which proves to be a far more effective work culture in the long run. The sales and marketing teams we’ve built this year are reflective of this very idea.

Aakash Gupta our able Sales consultant and Subject-matter Expert has spearheaded the team’s growth over the past year. The team deserves a fair share of the credit for creating and implementing many of the year’s marketing initiatives.

Giving us honest and objective feedback truly helps us help you. On this note, I consider myself fortunate to be on the receiving end of the continued support and trust extended to us by our wonderful clients.

On the technology front, following the overwhelming response to Saviom ERM’s web version, I’m happy to announce the inclusion of our PPM Software to our suite, slated to be launched in 2018. Developed on principles similar to our ERM tool, the software I’m sure is going to relieve PMOs who have long been in search of a tool that understands efficiency as well as they do!

As we put another successful year behind us, the team and I are excited to usher in the new year and onboard new clients alongside some familiar faces. We thrive on fresh challenges and know for certain that 2018 is going to deliver too!

Here’s wishing each and every one of you a prosperous and happy New Year!

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