Sure-Shot Ways to Unleash your Productivity at Work

May 3, 2016 By

Productivity is vital to your success at work. It’s less about managing your time and more about managing your energy. These days, the key to success is not hard work but smart work. A smart worker provides quality work within the set deadline despite putting in less energy and time.

Here is a list of tips that we’ve put together to help you get more done at work:

1. It is the output that counts

Working overtime, staying glued to your desk for eight or nine hours results in low productivity. It’s important to switch from a ‘busy’ mindset to a ‘results’ mindset and you’ll find that you’re getting more done in less time. How can you achieve this? Set small goals to accomplish for the day either in the shower, while commuting to work or during your morning cup of coffee. Once you know the key tasks that need to be accomplished, structure a game plan to tackle them. You should then prioritize and make sure to start off with the hardest, most important task. That way you’ll get it done and out of the way. Remember, it’s not how many minutes or hours you put in but the results you get out of your day.

2. Find your Power Hour

We have different energy levels at different times. Your power hour is when you’re most energized, effective, creative and clear-headed. This hour could either be in the day or night. So observe yourself for a week. Once you’ve figured out your energy pattern organize the tough stuff during your power hour and leave the mundane things like checking your mail or social media for lower energy hours of the day.

3. Listen to music

Music can influence your mood. It can shut everybody out and like blinders on a horse help you focus on the task at hand. Music makes repetitive tasks more enjoyable. Choose instrumental or ambient sounds as lyrics can often be distracting. To intensely focus on a project listen to familiar music so you know what lies ahead and there are fewer surprises, causing you to focus all your attention on the work rather than on the music.

4. Set a time to leave the office, get a life.

Productivity doesn’t have to be restricted to only the inside of the office. Have you watched that movie everybody has been talking about? Did you catch that gig of that band you like? Did you finally catch up with that friend over beers like the two of you have been discussing for weeks now on WhatsApp? Recreational activities and leisure are vital components for productivity and social well-being. It re-energizes and motivates you for the coming tasks ahead. Knowing that you have plans to attend to after work will help you focus on finishing your tasks in time and leave the office. Come into work knowing when you want to go home, it is a great motivational driver to work fast and you’ll find that everything falls perfectly into place.

5. Software to improve productivity

The beauty of technology is that now there is software or an app for almost everything. From browser plugins to services that help you with automation, collaborations, scheduling, maintaining important relationships, productivity apps aim to do it all. These include Todoist, Workflow and Trello.

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