Designed to Reduce Project Delivery Time Significantly

SAVIOM’s unique resource-centric project management software is designed to meet and overcome the resourcing challenges and deliver projects in less time and cost.

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A Unique Resource-Centric Project Management Software

Resources are pivotal for the success of any business. Saviom has created a disruptive project management software centred around the efficient and effective utilization of the resource pool.

Consolidate disparate tools with a single unified project management solution

  1. Replace disparate tools with a single unified solution
  2. View and manage various aspects of a project from a single work area
    • Project estimation and scheduling
    • Resource allocation
    • Risks and issue management
    • Time, expense & invoice
    • Project status and dashboards
  3. Configure the work area as per the type and size of the project

Estimate, plan, track and deliver within budget & time

  1. Build your schedule with complete WBS and dependencies
  2. Integrate with MS project seamlessly
  3. Assign tasks to an individual and track progress efficiently
  4. Interact on task through built-in-collaboration platforms
  5. Have pre-built templates as per the project type

Ensure competent resources are available at the right time, at the right cost

With its unique approach, SAVIOM ensures that competent resources are available to the project at the right time and right cost

  1. Streamline allocation process with centralized resource allocation
  2. Ensure right resources are available at the right time with intelligent capacity planning
  3. Forecast resource estimates for anticipated projects in sales pipeline
  4. Identify resource shortage early and bridge gap cost effectively

Gain real-time intelligence into project portfolio

Get real-time access to critical key performance indicators of the projects in your portfolio and take remedial steps proactively

  1. Visualize systems all projects you are involved with directly and indirectly
  2. Track various types of the health of the project using traffic light systems
  3. Slice and dice your portfolio with multidimensional filter facilities
  4. Identify resource shortages and excesses early to bridge gap costs-effectively

Get early warnings on project performance and take corrective action

Early warnings regarding project performance lets you overcome dynamically changing business conditions. Saviom’s flagship early warning system forewarns you ahead of time to take corrective actions

  1. Configure project dashboard and analytics to track various KPIs
  2. Get early warning about:
    • Constraint overruns impacting time, scope, cost and schedule and profit margins.
    • Resource unavailability for the project duration.
    • Large variation between project actuals against the plan

Identify project risks early & mitigate them ahead of time

Identify various types of project risk at the early stage and mitigate them

  1. Continuously identify project risk and ascertain their severity level
  2. Assign the work to an individual to mitigate the risk
  3. Track risks of various projects across whole business

A project portfolio tool for high-impact project profitability

A configurable and Scale-free platform

Designed for a digitally-mature business

Seamless integration with your existing systems

Enhances overall productivity and profitability

Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems

Integrate with any of your existing systems for seamless data import and export:

Control your sync frequency

Real-time or batch integration with any data sources, including ERP, ERM, Project planning tools, PPM tools and HR.

Multiple data points

Choose the type of data to exchange (staff, projects, tasks, timesheet, leave etc.)

Only sync what you need

Interface with existing business intelligence and reporting systems.

Extensive reporting

Set up workflow alerts to streamline the workforce planning process.

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