Value Driven Resource Management: Complete More Projects with Less Resources

Go beyond simple resource allocation software! Our value-driven project resource management tool helps you complete more projects with less resources. It is also the most advanced, configurable and expandable tool in the market to fit around your specific business needs.

Enterprise Resource Scheduling: Achieve a single source of truth across the business

Enable agile resource planning

Use a visual resource planner with inbuilt drag and drop interface to support dynamically changing resource schedule. Additionally, Gantt chart view provides better visibility.

Eliminate silos of plans with an enterprise resource plan

Replace silos of spreadsheets or home-grown tools with a single enterprise resource plan and stay informed of all allocations and availabilities.

Enable multi-dimensional scheduling for different roles

Give multiple resource managers and line managers access to a plethora of resourcing insights across the enterprise.

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Resource Optimization: Allocate competent resources to the project at the right time

Identify and allocate competent resources

Select and apply custom filters to find the right and available resources for the right projects. Drill down to skills, experience, qualifications, cost rate and any other criteria you prefer.

Track competencies efficiently with self-serving model

Keep competency information up to date with a self-serving model. Supervisors can verify and endorse this information.

Streamline resource requesting and allocation process

Streamline resource requesting and allocation process between project managers and resource managers to find, reserve and deploy the right resources.

Resource Forecasting: A powerful, real-time and multi-dimensional platform

Visibilty of resources icon Achieve multi-dimensional forecasting with flexible filtering

Forecast project vacancies, people on the bench, over/under utilization, capacity planning using powerful analytics. These analytics are multi-dimensional, real-time and configurable as per the roles.

Visibilty of resources iconUnmatched insights into project financials

Get foresight into the project financials, i.e. cost, revenue, profit margins to protect your bottom line. Identify early warning signs and be proactive before it is too late..

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Resource Capacity Planning: Beat market volatility with an on-demand workforce

Visibilty of resources icon Identify resource shortfall/excesses ahead of time

Forecast resource demand for every type of project and non-project work. Identify shortfall and excesses of resources ahead of time.

Visibilty of resources icon Bridge gap with an on-demand workforce

Build strategies to bridge the capacity gap. Adjust project timelines, retrain current employees or hire a contingent workforce.

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Resource Utilization: Maximize billable and strategic resource utilization

Visibilty of resources icon Forecast resource utilization ahead of time and take corrective actions early

Predict and identify billable and strategic utilization of resources ahead of time. Move your resources from non-billable work to billable or high priority projects.

Visibilty of resources icon Track forecast versus actual utilization

Identify gaps between actual utilization against forecast utilization. Improve the overall forecasting process to achieve higher accuracy in work estimation.

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Resource Modelling and Simulation: Analyze and resolve complex scenarios

Use what-if analysis to get the best possible ROI within existing resource constraints. It helps you in moving around the project’s timelines based on priorities and put low priority projects on hold. Accordingly, the impact on resource capacity and utilization can be analyzed to make an appropriate decision.

Powerful Business Intelligence: Individualized portals, dashboards, analytics and reports

Visibilty of resources icon Provide tailored business intelligence

Build tailored portals, dashboards, analytics and reports using SAVIOM’s highly configurable and expandable architecture. It would help you future proof your business requirements.

Visibilty of resources icon Eliminate information overload

Control data visibility with a combination of security rights, portal designs and filters. It ensures an end-user of the system sees relevant information as per his, or her role.

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Reduce Project Resource Cost by 10-30%

Visibilty of resources iconMake available right resource at the right time

Visibilty of resources iconMinimize under/over skilled persons on the project

Visibilty of resources icon Move staff from non-billable work to billable work

Visibilty of resources icon Minimize project onboarding and offboarding time

Visibilty of resources icon Minimize last-minute hiring and compromises

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Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems

Integrate with any of your existing systems for seamless data import and export:

Control your sync frequency.

Real-time or batch integration with any data sources, including ERP, ERM, Project planning tools, PPM tools and HR.

Multiple data points.

Choose the type of data to exchange (staff, projects, tasks, timesheet, leave etc.)

Only sync what you need.

Interface with existing business intelligence and reporting systems.

Extensive reporting.

Set up workflow alerts to streamline the workforce planning process.

Top Emerging Trends in Resource Management Software

In the last few years, resource management software has evolved into an enterprise-level solution for lots of modern businesses. Now it has become a major component of business performance improvement and profitability. These are some of the top emerging trends in resource management:

Eliminating myriads of resource planning tools

Eliminating myriads of resource planning tools

Having silos of spreadsheets and home-grown tools are hurting business performance. So, companies are moving towards enterprise-level software to centralize resource management.

Going beyond simple resource scheduling

Going beyond simple resource scheduling

Resource management is no more a simple process of allocating resources against the projects. Now it has become a full-fledged enterprise-level process to ensure efficient usage of resources.

Resource capacity planning to minimize shortage

Resource capacity planning to minimize shortage

Resource capacity planning is no more a luxury for a business. It has become an essential part of resource management software. It helps in forecasting the gaps between the capacity against the demand and bridge it proactively.

Forecasting to maximize efficient utilization

Forecasting to maximize efficient utilization

Billable and strategic utilization of the workforce is the key to profitability. So, it has become very critical for a business to get a real-time view on future utilization and take proactive measures now.

Streamlining resource management processes

Streamlining resource management processes

There are lots of inefficient and time-consuming processes as part of traditional resource management practices. Enterprise-level resource management software can streamline them with efficient workflows, alerts, analytics.

Tracking and reducing project resourcing cost

Tracking and reducing project resourcing cost

Enterprise-level resource management software provides various capabilities to reduce cost for the overall project. Some of the examples are forecasting, capacity planning, resource modelling, pipeline management, on-the-bench management etc.

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Saviom will maintain your privacy.

Saviom Enterprise Resource Management Software is designed to enable efficiency. With a visibly interactive schedule chart to create and manage bulk resource bookings, resource managers can smooth out workloads and sync resource calendars to the project schedule..

Resource scheduling software lets you maximize your project’s billing worth with accurate availability, capacity and utilization estimates.

Skill-matched Assignments Skill-matched assignments

The resource planning feature lets you run projects on the potential utility available.

Capacity Forecasting Capacity forecasting

Estimate resource sufficiency to meet incoming demands.

Unify Workflows Unify workflows

Merge resource insights into project data.

Lower Costs Lower costs

Manage your resourcing finances better with precision cost to effort matches.

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