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Improve utilization, simplify project management and prepare to meet future demand

Gain real-time visibility of resource availability

Give project managers instant, real-time visibility of each team member’s availability against current projects, other work and vacations.

Track booked hours vs. actual hours logged

Use Saviom’s intuitive timesheet function to record the hours spent on various projects. This recorded ‘actual’ time is automatically tracked against the hours booked by clients. This gives project managers instant visibility into project budgets.

Forecast future resource utilisation

Predict future resource utilisation across your business by any period of time, including daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. Identify potential under- or over-utilization of resources to avoid conflicts and protect revenue.

This is what our clients say

  • Global Wind Services

    "Saviom Enterprise Resource Management helped us complete 10% more projects with 10% fewer technicians."

    - John Kamphorst, Co-founder and Project Manager, Global Wind Services
  • FTI Consulting

    "It is the best tool I have ever used. It's light, it doesn't have a lot of systems behind it so it is easy to operate. Highly user friendly tool unlike other resource scheduling software and it doesn't have any cumbersome functionalities."

    - Anna Powell, Resource Manager
  • Siemens

    "Two aspects of why using Saviom has proven better [over other systems], firstly the handling proved to be a lot easier and secondly it's competitive pricing. It was the combination of features, it's easy handling and overall pricing that made it attractive to management."

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