Connect organizational silos and build a unified view of the workforce

Integrate SAVIOM seamlessly with the silos of enterprise systems i.e. CRM, ERP, PPM, HRM, Payroll etc. Build an unified workforce view and streamline your workforce planning process using workflows, alerts and notifications.

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Integration & Workflow

Integrate with any of your corporate system

Image showing how to integrate saviom with other corporate systems

No double entry icon No double data entry

Interface with any of your existing corporate systems and avoid data duplication by using SAVIOM's state-of-the-art data exchange framework. Our framework can talk to multiple systems in multiple ways in multiple formats.

Exchange data as frequently as your business needs

Exchange period icon Exchange Periodically or in Real-Time

Exchange data across systems every week or every day or every minute depending upon the data volatility and your business needs. Our exchange framework is highly configurable, which can be customized the way your business works.

Image shows exchanging data with saviom

Integrate with calendars, emails, MS excel

Stay immediately informed using following integration: Image showing saviom's integration with other apps

email app icon Email Applications

Interface SAVIOM schedule with Outlook , Google & other calendars

Calendar app icon Calendar applications

Send Emails on trigger of an event as per your business needs

Excel app icon Microsoft Excel

Export data to MS Excel for further reporting and distribution

Set Alerts: Get notified and act ahead of time

Configure your own rules, conditions, thresholds to be notified at the right time. So that you can make informed decisions and take corrective measures before it is late. Following are some of the examples: Image showing automated alerts in saviom

Quick requets icon Skill Alerts

Get notified before expiry date e.g. certification, contracts, rates etc.

Skillset icon Overbookings

Get notified for allocation conflicts and crossing thresholds

Leave approval icon Future Alerts

Get alerted for budget over/under utilization, resourcing gaps etc.

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