Frequently Asked Questions


What does a free demo involve?

  • A free demo of our EPPM, ERM, or EWP software involves an interactive demonstration of the software from one of our product experts.
  • The demo is free of cost & obligation and takes 30-40 minutes. If it interests you in the software and you would like to try it out, we can set you up for a free trial.

What does a free trial of Saviom include?

  • We will perform a thorough requirements analysis to capture your business requirements accurately and entirely. The product suites are then configured according to the specifics.
  • As the final step, you'll be given access to the system URL on our trial cloud server. A free trial of the Saviom ERM, EWP, and EPPM suites lasts for 4-6 weeks, with ongoing walkthroughs.

Are Saviom products SaaS offerings?

  • Saviom's offerings are not SaaS solutions. We can host our solution on your company server or a cloud server of your choice. If you don't have either option, we can make arrangements to store the software through one of our esteemed cloud partners.

Can Saviom sit on the cloud?

  • Yes, it can. Many of our clients have our solution stored in a cloud server.

How does the licensing work for Saviom ERM and Saviom EWP?

  • Saviom EPPM, ERM, and EWP come with two different sets of licenses. Our licensing model follows a tiered structure centered around the type and number of users. They are classified as:
  • Power Licenses: Power licenses are for those users who need unrestricted access to the system with full editing capabilities. For example, program directors, project managers, program and portfolio managers, resource managers, resource planners/schedulers, and administrators will gain complete access to the system.
  • Lite licenses: Lite licenses are for users who require view-only access to the system with limited editing capabilities. For example, individual project team members, resource and project coordinators, and steering committee members may require lite licenses.
  • While non-users won't access the system directly, resource and project managers can schedule them on several projects and view staffing assignments and utilization rates after verifying complete availability. You're free to create as many non-users as required- no licensing costs are involved.

What is the pricing for these licenses?

  • The pricing is determined by the number of licenses you are looking to possess for your company. A ballpark pricing can be provided on request.

How long does the implementation of Saviom take?

  • Implementation can vary depending on the number of users and licenses to be enrolled in the software. This can vary between 2 and 6 weeks.

What is the difference between Resource Management and Project Management Software?

  • Resource Management software is built primarily for your resource allocation and forecasting needs. The main focus of such a tool is to effectively deploy resources onto various company works (whether they are project or non-project related activities) in the present or the future.
  • Project management tools are generally built to encompass the entire project management process, including estimation and project planning, cost control, budget management, resource allocation, and collaboration management (and several others!). Other PM tools only provide limited functionalities that barely cover the vast requirements for even basic resource management.

Is Saviom software built for a specific industry?

  • No. Our clients belong to different industries - consulting, engineering, construction, defense and technology, express delivery, and NGOs.

Is Saviom software built for small, medium, or large enterprises?

  • Saviom's solutions tend to be focused closer to medium to large-sized organizations. However, we do have many small-scale industries as clients too.

What kind of support does Saviom provide for the implementation and maintenance of the software?

  • Our accounts management team is available from Mon-Fri during business hours. We provide global support for all our clients via email, web support, and phone.

When was Saviom founded?

  • Saviom was founded in 1999. However, our current solutions have been in the market for the last 6 years.

How can I contact Saviom for a demo or for more information?

  • You can register for a free demo here, email us here, or speak to one of our product experts on our Australia number +612-8221 8883.

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