Enterprise Resource Management (ERM)

Ditch cumbersome spreadsheets and optimize your human resource planning and scheduling with Saviom ERM.

  • Manage resources and projects with instant visibility
  • Match people to the right projects
  • Get real-time resource utilization updates
  • Plan ahead for projects in the pipeline
  • Forecast and prepare for future demand
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Enterprise Workforce Planning (EWP)

Optimize your workforce to proactively respond to fast-changing demand and avoid last-minute hiring and underutilization.

  • Manage skills and competencies
  • Generate enterprise-wide talent matrices
  • Cater to multiple stakeholders
  • Reduce project risk and resource-related costs
  • Forecast accurately to avoid under- or over-utilization
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Optimize resource utilization and strategize for future projects

Image shows real time forecasting

Real-time business intelligence

Highly configurable reporting capabilities. Slice and dice your data with easy to configure filters and ad-hoc reporting.

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Image showing planning for the future demand

Plan for fast-changing workloads

Forecast you demand, utilization, skills gaps and revenue while avoiding the costs of last minute hiring and firing.

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Image shows how to customize Saviom

Customize for your business

Our LEGO based software architecture lets you configure your functionalities and tailor the tool to suit your requirements.

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Image showing how to integrate Saviom with existing systems

Integrate with existing systems

Seamlessly integrate with existing business systems. Avoid double-data entry with a two-way data collaboration facility.

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PWCFujitsuSiemensDHL ExpressHoneywellTelstra
"Saviom Enterprise Resource Management helped us complete 10% more projects with 10% fewer technicians."

- John Kamphorst, Co-founder and Project Manager, Global Wind Services

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Optimize your workforce and ensure future performance and productivity with Saviom.

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