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Introducing the Construction Management Plan to your Business

Image showing two project managers creating a construction maanagement plan.
January 17, 2018 BY Namratha Mohan

As any construction project manager would tell you, following a guideline eases the process of overseeing construction projects. The Construction Management Plan [CMP] is a document that provides detailed mechanisms, tools and the knowledge transfer necessary to deliver complex projects. A construction management plan justifies project feasibility and develops schedules and goals. It bridges the…

Engineering and Construction Project Management
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Tips for Efficient Workforce Planning

Image showing how workforce planning can help you structure your organization
January 12, 2018

Leading companies do not depend on luck to attract and keep the best talent. They spend a lot of resources to hire, train, and retain top-notch employees. Your company will be able to provide high-quality products and services only if you have high-quality talent. To employ a dream team, you need to invest a lot…

Workforce Planning
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5 Project Management Trends For 2018

Image showing the growth of organization with a PMO
January 10, 2018 BY Nityashree Yadunath

Yet another year brimming with new opportunities and technological innovations begins. And business landscapes are looking to benefit from the renewed vigour that drives market trends. While few trends witness premature booms before fizzling out, few others steadily grow and add on to the larger scheme of things. As we all scurry back to work…

Project Management
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The Basics of EPMO

An image showing a group of pragram managers discussing in an EPMO
December 6, 2017

As any project manager would concede, change is inevitable. The rate at which change advances, however, is not something every organisation is prepared for from the start. When it does hit them, projects, programs and plans all get thwarted. What follows next is a complete rework from the grassroots level upwards that may not necessarily…

Project Management
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Reflections of 2017

Om Gupta explicitly cites the reason for Saviom's birth
November 29, 2017 BY Om Prakash

As 2017 comes to a close, here is a special edit from our Director’s desk… Saviom was conceived with the aim to map resources in a way that lets projects make the most out of the best skills in the industry. After all, it is people that shape up an organisation by upholding its core…

In the News
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Global Wind Service completes 20% more projects with 10% fewer resources using Saviom ERM

November 24, 2017

Global Wind Service (GWS) installs and maintains onshore as well as offshore wind turbines and has established an enviable clientele of multinationals from across the world. GWS wanted to complement its large-scaled expansion with a tool that not only replaced spreadsheets but also gave them forecasting maturity and intuitive insights. Once Saviom ERM was deployed,…

Case Studies
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