Saviom’s pricing policy understands growth


A pricing policy that is designed exclusively for you

Saviom’s unique licensing model is designed to give you the freedom to distribute authority and build a bundle that best suits your organisation.

Our two licenses - Power and Lite help you define roles and functions within your team. Once you choose a plan based on your requirements, you will only pay for the number of licenses you buy. Even as you expand your teams and add more employees onto your database, your billing will not be affected by those changes.

Power License

Saviom’s Power license is designed for users who require complete access to the software. This includes editing schedules, extracting different reports and assigning authority.

  • You can give the user complete access to the schedule, reports and filtering options as well as editing capabilities.
  • You can set authority and regulate it so that the viewing and editing functions match the role that the user performs.
  • Ideal for all users who need to make edits and changes to the schedule.

Lite License

Our Lite license is designed for users who require ‘view only’ access without editing capabilities, as well as users who only need to sift through reports.

  • You can give the user enough access to view his or her schedule.
  • You can limit authority by inhibiting their access to make changes or view schedule.
  • Ideal for users who only require a superficial view of things.

A pricing model designed for you!

We understand that your organization is constantly growing. This is precisely why our quote doesn’t change as the number of people you manage increases. Our pricing is determined by the number of licenses you need as well as your specific product requirements, so we provide quotes only on request. Register now, for your very own personalized quote!

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