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Product News: Time-sheet And Forecast Vs. Actual Reports

June 6, 2017 BY Emma Kurt

Saviom ERM is enabling project managers to optimize resource with efficient work schedules. Proficient features such as Timesheets and Forecasting Reports are helping businesses better align their resources with organizational goals. With the required data in hand, project managers are able to minimize resource-related risks to achieve project success faster. Let’s look at the latest…

Resource Management
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5 Sure Signs of a Great Manager

An image showing the qualities of a successful manager.
December 19, 2016 BY Emma Kurt

We all want a Captain James T. Kirk (Star Trek) type of manager inspiring us to do more, even as we are stuck with a life-sucking Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada). While people admit to the fact that bosses and in-laws are never going to be your best friends, sweet exceptions keep workspaces happier.…

Productivity Strategy
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