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Resource Capacity Planning for the AEC Industry: A Checklist

Resource Capacity Planning
July 19, 2017 BY Jack Leslie

Given how important capacity planning for engineering projects is, here’s presenting an article with metrics that will streamline your process, as a step ahead from this article on tips to perfecting it. As teams diversify and projects expectations snowball, the lack of adequate resource capacity planning can easily show up as symptoms that border project…

Capacity Planning Engineering and Construction
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How To Track Resource Utilization?

How To Track Resource Utilization
June 14, 2017 BY Jack Leslie

Smart utilization of project resources is a deciding factor to your success, given the substantial resource costs involved. So making sure that your utilization levels are optimal is an integral part of Resource Management. It is essential that resource and project managers dedicate their best efforts in making sure that their resources are not under…

Capacity Planning Project Management Resource Management
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What Is Resource Management?

What Is Resource Management
May 31, 2017 BY Jack Leslie

Resource Management refers to the scheduling, utilization and future allocation of resources onto different organisational work. Allocating a resource can be based on the resources availability, role, skillset, location among other criteria. Its primary aim is to keep resources optimally occupied such that neither under nor overutilization occurs. Resource Management helps projects achieve more with…

Resource Management
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Easy Steps To Efficient Resource Requesting

February 16, 2017 BY Jack Leslie

The PMO and its methodologies have evolved to encompass a large scheme of processes. Yet, resource requesting process largely remains unstructured. We are all familiar with the endless loop that the staff request process creates. When a requirement arises, the manager in charge gets in touch with the resource manager. The resource manager in turn…

Capacity Planning Productivity Project Management Resource Management
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4 Ways To Enhance The Productivity Of Your Remote Team

January 23, 2017 BY Jack Leslie

The world is your oyster if your organization believes in remote teams. To top it, remote teams enjoy lower operational costs and higher employee satisfaction levels too. By and large, remote work is growing towards being corporate world’s favourite lean strategy. We at Saviom, are hugely invested in remote teams ourselves and have found it…

Productivity Resource Management
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2016: The Year That It Was For Saviom

January 5, 2017 BY Jack Leslie

Evenas the rest of the world has quite a few bones to pick with the year 2016, we at Saviom grew quite fond of it for the many doors it helped us unlock. And, as 2017’s wheels start rolling, a throwback to the year we just bid farewell to, felt like a great preamble to…

Product News
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5 Goal-Driven Alternatives To new Year Work Resolutions

December 23, 2016 BY Jack Leslie

  Much like Bing Crosby’s “Let’s Start the New Year Right” number, the popular sentiment surrounding New Year’s has always been about trying to improve ourselves as the year acts as a fresh start of sorts. But given how busy schedules are and how we are often caught in a maze of things, resolutions are…

Productivity Strategy
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