How Can You Future-Proof Your Workforce?

Last updated on May 8, 2017


Volatility is difficult to prepare for. However, considering globalization has increased the external risks businesses are exposed to, organizations are forced to be far more well prepared than they used to be.

Typically, organizations get caught unawares by economic uncertainties and take ‘spur of the moment’ decisions that do not reflect well in the longer run. For example, an economic slowdown can force an organization to contract its workforce on very short notice as a protective measure.

Such contractions generally involves letting go of core employees, specially in the case of an organization that only has a standard team of full timers. This therefore is instinctive decision-making rather than a future-proofing strategy.

But, building resilience to economic volatility is an on-going process and primarily revolves around focusing on a quick reacting, agile workforce that is backed by data and insight.

Our latest eBook, “Future-proofing Your Staff In Times Of Volatility: A No-Nonsense Guide”, helps you do exactly that. Here is an excerpt –

Future-proofing comes naturally to most of us. Buying an insurance policy, saving for a rainy day and minimizing financial liabilities are just some crucial examples of that. However, financial risk-proofing does not suffice when organizations have to cut back on payroll budgets or resource costs.

On the other hand though, if the organization has systematically invested on building a workforce that is quick-reacting and on-demand, it is automatically equipped to protect itself.

Simply put, balancing your capacity and competency in both good times and bad, is a way of making sure you have your own back! And, Resource Management lets you do that!

Resource Management helps you structure your workforce strategy such that it readjusts itself to suit your changing demands.”

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Future-Proofing Your Staff In Times Of Volatility: A No-Nonsense Guide


Nityashree Yadunath

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