Mahendra Gupta

Director at SAVIOM Software and PMEntire Solutions Pvt. Ltd | PMP Certified

Mahendra Gupta

Mahendra Gupta is a PMP-certified professional and thought leader in resource management and workforce planning. His illustrious journey at SAVIOM spans over two decades, marked by a series of strategic roles that have contributed significantly to the company's success. Initially serving as a product developer at SAVIOM, Mahendra was pivotal in crafting cutting-edge resource management and workforce planning solutions.

Later, Mahendra took over the position of Product Manager, where he tailored customizable solutions for discerning clients by carefully analyzing their unique challenges and requirements. With an extensive experience of over 21 years in the resource management realm, he has successfully helped over 40+ multinational businesses worldwide.

Mahendra has published numerous insightful articles, eBooks and whitepapers on project management. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Mahendra Gupta values holistic well-being, actively nurturing both his mind and body. In his leisure time, he finds rejuvenation through trail jogging and yoga practice. Follow his work here.

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