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Manage your ‘resources’ like they matter

February 9, 2015 BY Mahendra Gupta

Over the past couple of centuries there has been an evolution in the concept of workers. Once workers were acknowledged as people who had needs, desires, families and beliefs, however through a gradual move towards mass production, larger companies and shareholder driven profits, workers have increasingly become assumed to be faceless entities. Today, they are…

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Matrix Management: Resource Scheduling In A Complicated World

August 4, 2014 BY Mahendra Gupta

Is Matrix Management a complicated word? Or is matrix management a simple word in a complicated world? Matrix management has been created to simplify management in the companies of the 21st century. Despite many businesses implementing such management, its true benefits are only realised when good resource scheduling software is utilised to support it. Businesses…

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Resource Scheduling Solutions for Mining Consultancy Industry

March 11, 2014 BY Mahendra Gupta

With a boom in world demand for mining resources, mining extraction companies are growing larger and larger while watching the profits flow in. As mining extraction companies are seen as the main players within the mining sector, the mining consultancy industry has resultantly seen huge expansion. In some cases, where thousands of consultants are on…

Engineering and Construction
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Reducing employee costs with the wave of the technological wand

March 20, 2013 BY Mahendra Gupta

“I remember the days where I would be at work one afternoon, up to my neck in work and I would get a phone call. On the other line would be my boss telling me that the senior management was holding a meeting in a few hours about how they can cut company costs, and…

Resource Management
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Resource Transparency. Data Accuracy. Reporting Integrity.

October 27, 2012 BY Mahendra Gupta

In the wake of the global financial crisis, one of the big reminders has been that we need honest and transparent information. Businesses need to become transparent with their shareholders, employees and stakeholders at large about what is happening in their business, and what the true costs and forecast of the company is looking like.…

Resource Management
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