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Reflections of 2017

Om Gupta explicitly cites the reason for Saviom's birth
November 29, 2017 BY Om Prakash

As 2017 comes to a close, here is a special edit from our Director’s desk… Saviom was conceived with the aim to map resources in a way that lets projects make the most out of the best skills in the industry. After all, it is people that shape up an organisation by upholding its core…

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Consultancy firms in need of Resource Scheduling Solution

July 21, 2015 BY Om Prakash

Human resources are the largest expenditures consulting companies have to make; hence it is important that they use them efficiently and get best value out of them. However, the larger and more diverse the company, often the more difficult and less effective this exercise will become. This issue spreads across all areas within the consultancy…

Consulting and Auditing HR Management Resource Management
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Improving Public Sector Efficiency With Resource Scheduling

Image showing an IT manager using cloud computing.
March 11, 2015 BY Om Prakash

With pressures on the rise in the public sector, maintaining efficiency is more challenging than ever. Budgetary limitations, resource management issues and poor communication are among the main culprits in creating problems. The question is: how can resources be managed efficiently while maintaining compliance in all other areas? Resource scheduling software is an integral component…

Capacity Planning Resource Management Strategy
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How Does Resource Scheduling Add To Your Bottom Line?

November 24, 2012 BY Om Prakash

Most companies want to maximise their profit. They will often consider cutting staff, working staff harder, entering a new market, increasing advertising, amongst other things. However, companies often forget the importance of effective resource scheduling, because staff are usually the largest overhead a company has to deal with. Below is a list of 4 reasons…

Resource Management
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