IT trends that will disrupt the technology landscape

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. – Arthur Clarke.

Rightly said! This is an era where everyone’s lives revolve around technology. From fitness to daily chores, technology has managed to impact everything. In 2019, it didn’t fail to surprise the users with massive transitions. AI and IoT became a norm, amusing gadgets wooed every tech-savvy individual, fitness gadgets made every fitness enthusiast’s life easier and the list goes on! Simply put, technology has become a driving force in every aspect of life. With 2019 being full of tech-innovations, let’s see what 2020 has in store for us.

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What are the Technology trends in 2020?

In 2019, intelligence became the backbone of all developing systems which further created a digital ecosystem. Its core was in the merger of the real and virtual world. AI and IoT flourished to a great extent and connected and automated almost everything. However, their application goes beyond this. They will make the lives of businessmen, project managers, and employees easier. 5G technology is set to bridge the communication gap with its unimaginable high speed.

Process automation will automate streamline several processes like generating payrolls, analyzing job application and so on in business departments. Blockchain, edge computing, and cybersecurity are expected to enable transparency in businesses and also enhance data security. All of this, when integrated together will transform the businesses.

Let’s delve into the details of each of these trends and their significance:

1. 5G Technology

Imagine downloading a movie in seconds! That’s what 5G is capable of. Ever since 5G technology has set foot in the industry, the hype around it grew exponentially. It will boost networking systems by reducing latency and increasing the speed up to 20 gigabytes per second. The commendable speed that it offers will help bridge the communication gap.

If businesses adopt this technology, it will fasten the communication and will also help extract useful information or data in no time. Most of the enterprises rely on advanced software tools to manage their projects and resources. With 5G on the go, it will fasten the process of analytics and yield results faster than ever.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is not a novel term in the technology sphere and has continued to gain momentum ever since it began. Everyone is exposed to artificial intelligence on a daily basis, a testament to its wide range of applications. Besides being applicable in the daily lives of people, artificial intelligence is expected to be beneficial in the corporate world as well.

AI is the foundation of several technological innovations like data processing, automation, face, text and speech recognition, and the list goes on. These innovations have great implications on various businesses ranging from software development to finance. It will now be seen in project and resource management sector as well. Automation via AI will help gain performance insights.

It will also help in scheduling and data visualization which in turn, will facilitate project managers to make sound and strategic decisions in less time. Besides data visualization and scheduling, AI will also forewarn project managers about resource crunches and surpluses. Forecasting these events helps managers proactively mitigate risks such as labor shortages and overheads to payroll.

3. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT has connected many “things” in our lives. As consumers, we are already benefiting from IoT. We can lock the door using our smartphones, preheat our cookware on our way home and what not! And this is just the tip of the iceberg. When applied in businesses, IoT can be transformational.

IoT can enhance security, efficiency and can improve decision making in businesses as it can collect and analyze the data. IoT can also enable predictive maintenance, pace up medical care, improve customer service, and offer benefits that we have just seen in science-fiction movies.

4. Robotic process automation (RPA)

RPA is another phenomenal tech innovation that has taken automation to a different level. Like AI, even RPA is automating jobs. It has been useful in several fields like finance and operational resource management. RPA can be used by software to interpret applications, process payroll of employees or any other transactions and even reverting to emails.

Many enterprises have switched to different software and tools to simplify tasks and enhance the management process. When integrated with such software, RPA can help simplify it even more. For instance, a resource management software will be benefited with RPA as it can interpret applications. Using this, the allocation of the right resources to the right job will become easier.

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5. Blockchain

Blockchain was introduced when cryptocurrency like bitcoin came into existence. However, it is a much broader term. It can enhance security levels that are useful for businesses. Basically, blockchain can be explained as something you can “add” data to and not modify it. This means that you are creating a chain of data by adding information. Hence the name “blockchain”. It is a secure technology because it does not enable modification of the added data or information.

Since it is consensus-oriented, it does not give access to only one entity. Authoritative people related to a particular project can view the data. This feature in Blockchain increases security for IoT devices and introduces transparency in businesses.

6. Edge computing

Formerly an emerging IT trend, cloud computing has now become a norm in the IT industry, with major players in the field being AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Now that there is a rise in the amount of data, shortcomings of cloud computing have become visible. To overcome this, edge computing has come into the picture.

Edge computing has the capability to bypass the latency caused by cloud computing. It’s a practice to bring data closer to the center where it’s needed. This saves data bandwidth and helps the IoT devices to analyze data in real-time. By bringing computation closer to where it’s needed, it is all set to overthrow the reign of cloud computing. Edge computing is expected to impact businesses in 2020 with its tremendous speed. It will help managers to make an informed decision faster than ever by analyzing the data in real-time.

7. Cybersecurity

Ever since the malware attack created havoc in the business industry, cybersecurity has become a major concern. Triton, for example, attacked an industrial plant in Saudi and targeted its safety systems. It might not look like one of the latest trends, but it’s evolving substantially as other technologies are. As long as we have hackers trying to illegally access the data and breakthrough the toughest security measure, cybersecurity will continue to trend.

It usually takes half a year to detect a data breach, which is a long window. To improve this and make it considerably shorter, new innovative technologies are emerging. Besides these novel technologies to fight deep-fakes, which are altered video or image content using AI and open source vulnerabilities are evolving to enhance the security levels.

These are the emerging IT trends in the industry that will disrupt the technology landscape. Not only will they enhance security levels, they will also fasten the major business processes by providing and analyzing data in real-time. When adopting a new software for your business, a primary consideration should be towards its adaptability and ability to scale to an extended enterprise.

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