Product News: Time-sheet And Forecast Vs. Actual Reports

June 6, 2017 By

Saviom ERM is enabling project managers to optimize resource with efficient work schedules. Proficient features such as Timesheets and Forecasting Reports are helping businesses better align their resources with organizational goals. With the required data in hand, project managers are able to minimize resource-related risks to achieve project success faster.

Let’s look at the latest updates for timesheets and booked vs actual reports.


The Timesheet feature in Saviom ERM makes it easy to record hours spent on projects and tasks on a daily basis. Individual resources with Lite License will have access to their own timesheet portal and can log in their hours through their account. Recording time in Saviom is effortless as projects are pre-populated and employees can enter the number of hours against each project.

Supervisors can approve, reject, or edit timesheets at the click of a button. Although they are used for payroll purposes of salaried employees, its use is also required for the payroll of contract employees as well.


The hours recorded through the timesheet can reflect in different Saviom reports such as the booked vs actual report.

Booked vs Actual

The forecast v/s Actual Time feature in Saviom ERM lets you compare the actual time taken to complete a task or project against the estimated time. The ‘booked’ hours are populated from the project estimation and the ‘actual’ hours are drawn from the time sheets. Saviom lets you integrate your actual hours data from external tools and timesheets.

Such reports help to plan better for future demand. Comparison of actual hours with estimated hours lets project managers minimize any project risks. The forecast reports in Saviom ERM is not just limited to just comparing hours, you can also compare costs and revenue as well, allowing you to understand the progress of a project.

The booked vs actual hours reports are easy-to-configure with customizable filters. These reports can be seen in different kinds of charts and graphs and can be exported as csv and pdf files.


The Booked v. Actual reports can also be measured in days and FTE and can be color coded when there is an increase/decrease from actual against booked hours.


Timesheets and forecast reports are existing features in Saviom ERM. If you currently don’t have access to these features, call us to receive a free upgrade!

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