Resource Profile: Unlock Unmatched Levels of Visibility

August 9, 2017

Resource Profile: Unlock Unmatched Levels Of VisibilityWhile sailing, a clouded vision not only wreaks havoc in your ability to navigate but also mars your decision-making capabilities. Much does not change from the project’s standpoint either.

On the other hand, crystal-clear visibility helps you make better decisions, besides making your journey seamless. Why not have that visibility then, with respect to your project resources too?

Along with enterprise-wide visibility, Saviom ERM gives you the option to profile your resources with as much detail as you want, thereby letting you base your allocations solely on capabilities and availability statuses. Let’s look into the functionalities of this feature.

1. Listing resource details

Besides basics like name and designation, Saviom’s extensive Resource Detail window allows you to keep a track of  part-time/full-time commitment levels, contractual durations (i.e. start date/end date), details of supervisor, as well as the team he/she has been assigned onto. Also, there are different tabs to compartmentalise all the information you have about him/her which can be understood with the following screenshots.

Resource Detail 1The resource detail screen. Part1.

Resource Detail 2 The resource detail screen. Part 2.

2. Competency and roles

Under competency, you can  map the skillsets your employees have with details like the name of the skillset and the level of proficiency he or she has for the said skillset. Under roles, you can assign the area in which they contribute to the project and whether or not it is their primary responsibility. This section is very useful in finding the right talent to do the right tasks when you have to constantly assign and reassign resources.

Role and Competency The role and competency columns.

3. Alerts, calendars and other features

Hiring right is all about ensuring that the team that you have onboard is trained and stays updated with the latest trends of the industry. ‘Alerts’ let you automate them for specific timelines so that you can duly notify your team to renew their certificates or permits  while the calendar history lets you make a note of significant dates in the resource timeline. The other features like attachments, notes, contact information etc., are self-explanatory and can be filled with the additional information you need.

Alerts and other sectionsThe alerts section and other columns.

Calendars and othersThe calendar section and other columns.

3.1. Easy searchability of resource information

The ease of access this feature brings in, makes it so much more useful because you neither have to pore over spreadsheets nor dig deep into a database before narrowing down the details that you need. All you have to do in order to access it is to click on the resources listed in your enterprise schedule or filter them based on the requirements you have, using the advanced filters tab.

Advanced Search FiltersThe advanced search filter window.

Do you make the most of this multi-faceted resource profile feature? If not, how do you go about finding the right resources for your projects? Tell us with your comments below!

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