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We have hundreds of clients in over 50 countries around the globe. And each of them has their own unique story to tell. See what they’re saying about Saviom and how we’ve enhanced the way they do their resourcing.


Fujitsu uses Saviom to efficiently utilize, forecast and schedule their large resource pool to ensure they maintain a high-quality in the delivery of their technology equipment and services.

Laing O’Rourke

Construction giant, Laing O’Rourke uses Saviom for workforce forecasting and capacity planning to ensure they have the right number of contractors with the right level of skills on their multi-billion dollar contracts.

Just some of the awesome companies we work with

Testimonials & Case Studies

Outotec “The best feature is the graphical representation through their Gant chart. In the past we were using a spreadsheet which doesn’t update itself but by dragging and dropping our bookings with Saviom, you’re able to immediately see the impact.” Read more
FTI Consulting “It is the best tool I have ever used. Its light, it doesn’t have a lot of systems behind it so it is easy to operate. Highly user friendly tool unlike other resource scheduling software and doesn’t have any cumbersome functionalities.” Read more
Siemens “Two aspects of why using Saviom has proven better [over other systems], firstly the handling proved to be a lot easier and its competitive pricing. It was the combination of features, its easy-handling and overall pricing that made it attractive to management.” Read more
Global Wind Service “Within six months of implementing Saviom Resource Planning, GWS estimate they are running 10% more projects with 10% less personnel. After a couple of months (of implementing Saviom Resource Management) people realised we didn’t have fights last quarter and things were running pretty smoothly”. Read more

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