Maximize Asset Utilization for Overall Cost Reduction

Saviom’s state-of-the-art asset scheduling software lets businesses tap into organizational assets and keep track of running costs. Manage the asset lifecycle with a highly configurable software tailored to your specific business needs.

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Establish a single schedule for all assets across the enterprise

Schedule business assets with simple drag and drop

Use a real-time and advanced visual scheduler to view unlimited assets and move them around the enterprise.

Enable scheduling by multiple users without double booking

Give multiple users role-based rights to access and schedule assets simultaneously across the whole enterprise without double booking.

Easily identify the right asset across the enterprise

Identify and schedule the right assets as per the location, size, power, precision and the cost

Schedule routine inspection and maintenance of assets

Schedule routine inspection

SAVIOM can help you organize pooled assets and maintain inspection logs. Accordingly, it can send notifications and generate reports to ensure that your business assets are in good health and routinely maintained.

Optimize utilization of each assets to reduce overall cost

SAVIOM can help you view asset usage across the enterprise. This would help you allocate assets optimally to avoid the scenario where the asset is neither underutilized, nor overutilized.

Forecast and identify shortfall/excesses of assets before time

SAVIOM provides powerful analytics to forecast asset supply versus future demand to identify shortfall and excesses of assets ahead of time. This would help you become proactive in buying, hiring or redistributing the demand.

Streamline asset borrowing with check-in and check-out

SAVIOM provides check-in and check-out facility in order to streamline the process of borrowing, using and returning assets. This ensures that every asset is tracked and utilized efficiently across whole enterprise.

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Highly configurable and expandable platform

Designed to future proof your business

Integrates seamlessly with your existing systems

Built to improve productivity and profitability

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