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SAVIOM’s Professional Services Automation tool is a disruptive product designed from the ground up to greatly enhance the productivity and profitability of a modern professional service business.

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Unleash the Power of Human Resource: Improve Productivity & Profitability

SAVIOM’s resource-centric PSA is built to utilize human resources most efficiently and intelligently. With our unique approach we can help you maximize billable utilization, minimize resourcing cost, improve productivity and improve client satisfaction.

Enterprise Resource Management (ERM)

Greatly reduce enterprise wide resourcing cost

Manage human resources efficiently and smartly

  1. Replace silos of resource plans with single enterprise-wide resource plan
  2. Avoid costly hiring/firing with intelligent capacity planning
  3. Minimize under or over skilled resources on a project
  4. Forecast and improve billable utilization with corrective actions.
  5. Reduce cost by using global resources and avoid people on the bench

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Project Portfolio Management

Reduce project delivery time significantly

Achieve an Operational System of Record (OSR) across the whole project management life cycle.

  1. Estimate accurately during the opportunity stage
  2. Plan and avail competent resources at the right time
  3. Schedule, assign and track tasks efficiently
  4. Identify project risks early and mitigate them
  5. Forecast and get early warnings about upcoming roadblocks

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Project Accounting

Control project cost from bid-to-bill

Gain real-time visibility and control on every aspect of project financials from bid-to-bill and get early warnings at every stage of the project life cycle.

  1. Track time and expense immediately with greater ease and accuracy
  2. Automate and accelerate invoicing of different types and frequencies
  3. Reduce overall operational and administrative cost
  4. Reduce revenue leakages and make every project profitable

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Forecast & Early Warning

Greatly improve billable utilization

Maximize billable resource utilization to improve business profitability.

  1. Forecast billable resource utilization and take corrective action ahead of time
  2. Identify future available resources early and sell their time
  3. Empower people to track and improve their billable utilization
  4. Track actual billable utilization against forecast

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Team Collaboration

Boost employee productivity

Cultivate collaborative team dynamics and improve employee productivity with a team collaboration platform.

  1. Develop effective communication and build a responsive team
  2. Bring your remote teams closer and align them to the project success
  3. Eliminate chaos and resolve urgent issues faster
  4. Build a creative team by empowering your team members

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Business Intelligence

Get real-time, multidimensional and user configurable insights to drive decisions

  1. Get real-time business intelligence for fast changing business dynamics
  2. Configure your own reporting analytics & dashboards
  3. Slice/Dice and filter your information from different angles

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Integrate Seamlessly With Your Existing Systems

Integrate with any of your existing systems for seamless data import and export:

Control your sync frequency

Real-time or batch integration with any data sources, including ERP, ERM, Project planning tools, PPM tools and HR.

Multiple data points

Choose the type of data to exchange (staff, projects, tasks, timesheet, leave etc.)

Only sync what you need

Interface with existing business intelligence and reporting systems.

Extensive reporting

Set up workflow alerts to streamline the workforce planning process.

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Built to improve productivity and profitability

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