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Why Saviom EPPM?

Build your own EPPM platform

Tailor-make your PMO’s best project portfolio management software, adding only the features you really need. Or integrate specialist features into your existing PPM software without disruption.

Reduce costs by over 20%

Optimize your workforce by ensuring you always use the right resources at the best cost for high-return, billable projects that align to your organization’s strategy.

Expand implementation as you scale

Scale seamlessly as your PMO grows to manage the progress of large programs, projects and operational teams.

Be proactive

Identify potential resource and skill shortages, prevent low billable utilization, identify resources likely to end on the bench, and avoid cost and time overruns.

Enterprise Portfolio Management

Streamline project scope, estimations, approvals, priorities, finances and performance – all at once, on an enterprise or program level.

Project scoping and estimation

Give management data-driven insights to evaluate ROI before approving project proposals.

Portfolio performance management

Manage project status, performance, risk, schedule and deliverables on a single platform, with real-time data and business intelligence.

Portfolio financial management

Measure program performance against budgets. Manage resource time, project duration and associated costs with intuitive reports and analytics.

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Enterprise Project Management

Plan, manage, track and deliver world class projects using a holistic solution designed for high-velocity, time-sensitive projects.

Project scheduling

An engaging, user-friendly Gantt view links to tasks, milestones, resources, costs and activities with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Project resourcing

Gain organization-wide visibility, find the right resources for tasks, monitor utilization, and request resources from across the business to maximize productivity.

Task and time tracking

Track task progress, costs and roadblocks. Resolve issues fast. Capture actual hours in an intuitive timesheet linked to project and task schedules.

Risk and issue management

Contribute to the risk registration for projects, gauge the severity of the risks involved, and analyze their collective impact to mitigate and build contingency plans.

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Enterprise Resource Management

Redefine optimization with real-time forecasting and capacity planning. Do more with less, and constantly maximize the value of your resources.

Enterprise resource planning across the organization

Build a single, real-time enterprise resource plan for current and future demand across the whole organizational matrix structure. Use resources efficiently to minimize resourcing costs.

Capacity vs. demand analytics

Track upcoming work against capacity and balance your workload to keep profit-generating projects on track at all times. Minimize overheads with proactive decision making.

Project pipeline management

Comprehensively plan the course of your pipeline opportunities as they mature into fully-fledged projects. Define resource requirements in advance.

Forecast and maximize billable and profitable utilization

Forecast staff utilization rates and billable utilization. Prioritize booking to maximize profitable as well as billable projects and measure both their values against actual billable utilization.

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Early Warning System (EWS)

Use Saviom EWS to spot red flags before they wreak havoc in the universe of your programs and projects.

Early warning about resource unavailability and skill shortages

Spot red flags including potential resource unavailability, skill shortages, low billable utilization and overruns.

Early warning about low billable or profitable utilization

Track low billable or profitable utilization which, when combined with high resourcing expenses, increase costs. Use these insights to take corrective actions and align resources to profitable work.

Early warning about people ending on the bench

Identify resources that are likely to end up on the bench. Work out where best to redeploy them before they add to wasteful overhead costs.

Early warning about overruns

Receive real-time alerts in advance of time and cost overruns at every important milestone. Spot roadblocks before they impact your schedule, and get on track quickly.

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Reports and Business Intelligence

Harness real-time analytics to shape the decision-making arc around future project and resourcing schedules. Improve forecast accuracy to avoid reactive, inefficient activities.

Powerful, real-time reports designed for the PMO

Keep stakeholders informed at all times with dynamic, real-time reports that highlight profit, utilization, billing and baseline statuses.

Customizable dashboards, analytics and reports

Quickly design reports to create the formats and formulae you require. Filter, recreate, slide/dice and drill down into reports for specifics or high level insights.

Data that guides proactive decision making

Export, share and collaborate to drive data-driven decision making. Use project history to optimize estimates and allocations.

Early warning reports to quickly correct missteps

Stay informed of resource shortages or excesses, as well as budget, time and approval overruns at all times. Take corrective measures to get back on track quickly.

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