Intelligent, proactive capacity planning

Your resources are central to your organization’s success. Proactive capacity planning allows you to optimize your resource-pool and prepare for times of change.

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Capacity Planning

Assess future capacity vs. demand to avoid costly hiring and firing

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Insight into your Future icon Insight into your Future.

Gain immediate insight into upcoming areas of potential resource shortfall or excess and use this information to take corrective actions.

Analyse capacity requirements from multiple points of view

Multiple Perspectives icon Multiple Perspectives.

Saviom’s resource capacity planning tool offers multi-dimensional views. This allows the PMO, HR and Finance teams to instantly view the data they need.

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Avoid costly resource gaps

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Better Resourcing Decisions icon Better Resourcing Decisions.

A dashboard view of predicted resource surpluses and shortfalls enables managers to take strategic, cost-effective actions rather than resorting to last minute hiring.

Implement resource optimization best practice for each project

Optimize your staff-pool with Saviom’s resource capacity planning software

Optimizing icon Optimize your Resources.

Saviom’s resource capacity planning software enables you to optimize your staff-pool, reduce the number of over- or under-skilled resources, and improve productivity. Simply filter staff by skill, experience, availability, location or cost to find the best match for each project.

Build a flexible, demand-driven resource-pool

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Balance your Resource Pool icon Balance your Resource Pool

Keep track of future requirements to ensure that your resource pool is optimally balanced, skilled and able to meet demand. Ensure that you have the right balance of full-time, part-time, contract and casual staff.

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