Integrate with any existing systems to create a powerful, seamless experience

Saviom’s resource management integration solution has generic architecture that interfaces directly with other enterprise systems, including CRM, ERP, PPM, HRM and payroll solutions.

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Integration & Workflow

Maintain a single, enterprise-wide source of truth

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Single source icon A Single Source of Truth.

Interface with existing systems to eliminate double data entry and the associated chaos. Saviom’s resource management integration offers a state-of-the-art data exchange framework that talk directly to multiple systems in multiple formats.

We work closely with each client to ensure this process is seamless.

Integrate with all your convenient every-day applications

Integrate Saviom’s resource management solution with:

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Email app icon Email applications

Email applications – for email notifications and warnings (i.e. budget overflow or resource over-utilization).

Calendar app icon Calendar applications

Calendar applications – for automated calendar invitations and updates.

Excel icon Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel – for seamless import and export of data.

Streamline the entire resourcing process

Saviom enables you to create a structured resourcing process with predefined workflows and the most recent information.

Image showing how you can streamline your resources

Quick requests icon Send Quick Requests.

The ‘resource request’ process simplifies resource allocation to avoid conflicts

Skillset icon Updated Skillset.

All resource information, including competencies, skills and certifications is kept up to date.

Leave approval icon Leave Approval.

A leave approval system ensures a real-time view of available resources.

Never be caught unprepared

Image showing automated alerts

Conflicts icon Alert’s to Keep you On-Guard.

Automated alerts and warning notifications ensure that you are always aware of:

  • Certification, contract and rate expiry dates.
  • Resource allocation conflicts.
  • Approaching deadlines and budget thresholds.
  • Potential under- or over-utilization of resources.
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