Intelligent, intuitive resource planning and allocation

Your resources are central to your organization’s success. Proper management and utilization of each resource is vital but can be painful and time-consuming, especially if you have a big resource pool.

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Resource Planning

Scrap those cumbersome spreadsheets

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Smart solutions icon A Smarter and Easier Solution.

Saviom’s resource planning and allocation software is powerful but easy to use. It offers a centralized, accurate and up-to-date view of all resource allocation activities.

  • No more siloed spreadsheets
  • No duplication of information and effort
  • Reduced risk of resources falling through the cracks

Gain a 360° view of each resource, at any given time

Image showing how you can get 360 degree view of the project

Different resource type icon Track Different Resource Types.

With Saviom, you can manage all resources from a central dashboard, including equipment, machines, vehicles, rooms and more.

Different work types icon Define different Work Types.

Define and track every type of activity a resource might undertake, including projects, BAU, admin and vacations.

Plan pipeline projects ahead of time

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Plan ahead icon Plan Projects Ahead of Time .

Saviom’s resource planning software helps you identify potential shortfalls and excesses of resources. This enables you to plan ahead, reducing risks and costs and ensuring success.

Closely monitor future resource vs demand

Better planning icon Make Better Planning Decisions.

Saviom enables you to forecast the capacity of current resources against future demand. This information is vital for robust resource management and risk mitigation.

Screnshot showing capacity vs demand metrics in Saviom

Match the best resources to each project

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Right person icon The Right Person for the Right Job

Saviom’s resource allocation and planning solution enables you to filter resources by skill, experience, availability, location, cost and more. This helps you find the best resources for each project

Streamline your Resource Request Process

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A Fluid Request Process

Avoid the chaos of email or phone requests for resource. Saviom’s resource request functionality simplifies and streamlines the process, ensuring resources are allocated with appropriate approvals and notifications.

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