Powerful reporting capabilities to give your business the competitive edge

One of Saviom’s biggest differentiators is the depth, breadth and customization of resource management reports its users are able to generate.

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Dynamic reporting that works for all stakeholders

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Extended reporting icon Custom Designed Reports.

Saviom’s customizable resource management reports offer each type of stakeholder a unique, practical view of project-related insights. Create custom reports for:

  • Resource managers
  • Line managers
  • Project managers
  • HR managers, and more.

Cut through the clutter for clear, custom reports

Generating reports icon Generating Reports just got easy.

Our solution enables you to easily build your report exactly the way management wants to see it.

  • Saviom’s configurable resource reporting framework lets you pick your own sorting dimensions, filters and formulas.
  • Everything is exportable to Excel and PDF.
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Use forecasting analytics to plan corrective actions now

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Plan ahead icon Plan for Tomorrow.

Predict future resource utilization across your business by any period of time, including daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. Identify potential under- or over-utilization of resources to avoid conflicts and protect revenue

Learn from the past to improve future performance

Continuos improvement icon Continuously Improve your Planning.

Saviom’s resource management reports enable you to compare actuals to forecasts. This increases the accuracy of demand forecasts and helps improve business processes.

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