Take a proactive approach to demand forecasting

Reduce the cost and risk associated with pipeline projects with Saviom’s workforce demand forecasting software. Our tool provides a real-time, 360-degree view of upcoming projects and their workforce requirements.

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Demand Forecasting

Gain a single, live view of future resource requirements

Image showing how you can schedule your resources in real time using Saviom's demand forecasting software

Centralized view icon A Centralized View.

View demand forecasts across the entire business from a single, centralized dashboard. Saviom’s intuitive visual scheduler enables you to scrap the spreadsheets. Simply drag and drop predicted work around existing projects and vacation times.

Collaborate on workforce forecasts and plans in real time

Security rights icon Security Rights.

Saviom’s demand forecasting tool allows multiple users to schedule and view live workforce plans simultaneously. You can set viewing and editing rights to match organizational hierarchy.

Image of enterprise workforce planning collaboration

Reduce risk and resource-related costs for pipeline projects

Image showing how you can reduce resource costs

Project Talent icon Guarantee your Projects the best Talent.

Saviom enables you to generate cost estimates for pipeline projects. This allows you to identify, hire and schedule the best staff for each project, as well as to retrain or relocate resources where necessary.

Forecast accurately to avoid under- or over-utilization

Image showing how you can see under/over utilise employees

Optimise icon Optimize Utilization.

View predicted workforce utilization levels instantly. Drill-drown to identify and avoid any gaps.

Customize demand forecasts to suit your business

Your business and its projects are unique, so your demand forecasting dashboard should be too. Image showing customising forecasts based on your requirements

Perfect match icon Right Person for the Job.

Select functionality based on roles

User definable icon User-Definable Fields.

Add, remove and rename data fields, and move them around

Seurity rights icon Security Rights.

Control viewing and editing rights

Extended reporting icon Customizable Reports.

Build tailored reports

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