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The Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) space has seen an increase in organisations investing in both the tools and techniques needed to effectively oversee and manage their requirements. This is because businesses today have a better understanding of the benefits of migrating to a cost-effective web-based solution.

It is only fitting that word of a feature-rich, intuitive tool like Saviom ERM web would get out. The tool’s web-only version has not only made it easier to access and generate the core reports but comes with the configurability to let you have the solution you really need. The core reports sitting within the software are the Utilisation, Capacity Versus Demand and Availability reports.

1. Utilisation Reports

The utilisation report generates a record of the number of hours or the percentage of resources spent over a given time. The colour codes for utilisation thresholds lets you see how and where the workforce or team in question have been allocated an appropriate amount of work. The utilisation levels can be filtered based on teams, project and job title in order to determine where and in what task a particular resource is engaged in. It effectively lets you optimise utilisation and prevent both over and under utilisation.

Representation of a report on Saviom ERM Web

2. Capacity versus Demand Reports

Capacity refers to the total supply of resources while demand reflects current, upcoming and non-project related activities that resources are allocated on to. Comparing the two components generates actionable insights that aid in internal restructuring and hiring decisions. The capacity versus demand reports let you map the two parameters in a single report with insights that get updated in real-time.

Whilst the inbuilt scales of days, hours and percentages offer clarity, Full-time Equivalent (FTE) is far more promising when drawing these reports as it is a widely accepted method to map utilization levels across the organization.

Graphical representation of the report generation screen of Saviom ERM Web

3. The Availability Report

This is essentially the opposite of a utilization report. It shows the amount of time each resource is available for over a given period which prevents resource overbooking, especially in cases where multiple projects run simultaneously or the said resource is involved in non-project activities.

There’s good news for those of you finding graphs easier to interpret than crunching numbers- the reports are graphically readable and flexible within a single click!

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