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Scaling Agile Teams: An Easy Guide

September 8, 2017

Agile for a 5-member team sure is worlds apart from agile for a team of 500. Nevertheless, agile can be a part of your organizational culture, as much as it is the methodology your core development team follows. So in this eBook, we discuss the growing pains that teams face when they scale up with…

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The Resource Management Handbook

The Resource Management Handbook
August 19, 2017

Managing resources for consulting and professional services industry involves honouring the nature of such projects. Having catered to the needs of consulting firms with an ERM tool that has revolutionised operations, we bring to you a manifesto that boils down the most essential components of successful resource scheduling and planning. Here is what the eBook…

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The Ultimate Guide To Team Collaboration In Project Management

The Ultimate Guide To Team Collaboration In Project Management
August 3, 2017

Healthy collaboration can make a world of difference to the quality of output you deliver. Our latest eBook presents 5 easy, effective elements you can incorporate into your work culture so as to ensure that the ‘whole’ is always larger than the ‘sum of the parts ‘ with your team’s efforts. Here is how our…

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Mastering Resource Management For The AEC Industry

June 22, 2017

In a bid to simplify Resource Management for Engineering and Construction firms, we present the world’s first exclusive eBook on the subject which reveals the 5 simple steps involved in making the process seamless and absolutely efficient. Having studied the ever expanding needs of the resource centric Engineering industry, we have designed the eBook to…

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Future-Proofing In Times Of Volatility: A No-Nonsense Guide

May 9, 2017

Future-proofing comes naturally to most of us. Buying an insurance policy, saving for a rainy day and minimizing financial liabilities are just some crucial examples of that. However on an organizational level, such future-proofing is not always given enough importance. Future-proofing your staff entails building a workforce that is quick reacting and on-demand. It also…

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Resource Management And Demand Forecasting

February 23, 2017

This eBook aims at creating awareness among organizations on how Capacity Planning and Demand Forecasting can together build a foundation for your Resource Management strategy. Besides, Resource Management is a methodology that generates and works with scientific precision, thereby mitigating the risks that speculation generates. This eBook will get you acquainted with: Demands of the…

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The Definitive Guide for Resource Planning and Forecasting


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