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Reflections of 2017

Om Gupta explicitly cites the reason for Saviom's birth
November 29, 2017 BY Om Prakash

As 2017 comes to a close, here is a special edit from our Director’s desk… Saviom was conceived with the aim to map resources in a way that lets projects make the most out of the best skills in the industry. After all, it is people that shape up an organisation by upholding its core…

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Matrix Management: Resource Scheduling In A Complicated World

Image showing a project manager in the auditing industry
August 4, 2014 BY Mahendra Gupta

Is Matrix Management a complicated word? Or is matrix management a simple word in a complicated world? Matrix management has been created to simplify management in the companies of the 21st century. Despite many businesses implementing such management, its true benefits are only realised when good resource scheduling software is utilised to support it. Businesses…

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