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The Complete List of Critical Success Factors For Gaming Producers

Image showing couple of people playing in a playstation.
June 1, 2018 BY Namratha Mohan

Creative industries thrive on disruptive technology. Gaming is one such field that literally lets the workforce ‘play’ to their strengths. It’s down to gaming project managers or ‘producers’ as they’re fondly referred to, to oversee both team collaborations and overall game development. Owing to the fact that fans anticipate newer gameplay, agility is rapidly becoming…

Project Management
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5 Tips to Ace the New PMP Exam 2018

Image showing a project manager preparing for the new pmp exam.
February 28, 2018 BY Namratha Mohan

You’re probably tired of hearing the Darwinian phrase, “ Survival of the fittest”.  But there’s  no better example of this than a seasoned project manager. Being one yourself, it’s no surprise you’d want to take this a step further by certifying yourself.  Certifications, while challenging, do give you the competitive edge. With the plethora of…

Project Management
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Complete 50% More Projects With 50% Fewer Hands

January 20, 2018

Work smart, not hard – this is the new mantra for sustainable profits. And smart work for the future is the heart of resource management. Simply put, Enterprise Resource Management improves your profit margins by leveraging resource productivity to its fullest extent. Besides, given today’s market, workforce structural changes can happen without warning, which means…

Project Management Resource Management
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Introducing the Construction Project Management Plan to your Business

Image showing two project managers creating a construction maanagement plan.
January 17, 2018 BY Namratha Mohan

As any construction project manager would tell you, following a guideline eases the process of overseeing construction projects. The Construction Project Management Plan [CPMP] is a document that provides detailed mechanisms, tools and the knowledge transfer necessary to deliver complex projects. Construction project plans justify project feasibility and helps you develop schedules and goals accordingly.…

Engineering and Construction Project Management
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