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Key Advantages Of Resource Management : Expert Opinion

April 19, 2017 BY Nityashree Yadunath

Content. Code. Capacity. If the Resource Management industry boils down to these three words, it directly points to stalwarts who make it all possible. So we sat down with an expert each from Content Marketing, Coding and Engineering Capacity Planning, for a heart to heart, in the hope of unearthing their biggest takeaway from the…

Productivity Project Management Resource Management
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Consulting And Auditing: Overwork Is A Productivity Killer

March 20, 2017 BY Emma Kurt

Overwork has been mistaken as a means or measure of productivity despite its converse effect on real productivity. And, in the context of the Consulting and Auditing industry, it has intertwined with work culture so much so that it has long been accepted as the industry norm.  Naturally, when the industry seeks to reform its…

Capacity Planning Consulting and Auditing HR Management Productivity
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Case Study: Engineering Seamless Collaboration at RMA

February 17, 2017 BY Nityashree Yadunath

When Tony Loveday, Principal Engineer at RMA Engineering walks in on a Monday morning he is delighted to see his teams efficiently collaborate on various tasks. Today, Tony and the RMA teams have worked their way into a workflow management structure that greatly simplifies resource balancing and improves productivity levels. Considering RMA, a multi-disciplinary engineering…

Case Studies Engineering and Construction Productivity Strategy
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Easy Steps To Efficient Resource Requesting

February 16, 2017 BY Jack Leslie

The PMO and its methodologies have evolved to encompass a large scheme of processes. Yet, resource requesting process largely remains unstructured. We are all familiar with the endless loop that the staff request process creates. When a requirement arises, the manager in charge gets in touch with the resource manager. The resource manager in turn…

Capacity Planning Productivity Project Management Resource Management
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4 Ways To Enhance The Productivity Of Your Remote Team

January 23, 2017 BY Jack Leslie

The world is your oyster if your organization believes in remote teams. To top it, remote teams enjoy lower operational costs and higher employee satisfaction levels too. By and large, remote work is growing towards being corporate world’s favourite lean strategy. We at Saviom, are hugely invested in remote teams ourselves and have found it…

Productivity Resource Management
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What Should You Not Use Spreadsheets For?

January 11, 2017 BY Emma Kurt

Spreadsheets are at the heart of most organizations. Convenient, flexible and developed to cater to complex calculations, the adulation spreadsheets receive is easily justified. Yet, they are quite not the ‘one stop solution’ they are made out to be. As a part of the managerial process, spreadsheets are getting increasingly misused, since they were never…

Productivity Resource Management Spreadsheets
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5 Goal-Driven Alternatives To new Year Work Resolutions

December 23, 2016 BY Jack Leslie

  Much like Bing Crosby’s “Let’s Start the New Year Right” number, the popular sentiment surrounding New Year’s has always been about trying to improve ourselves as the year acts as a fresh start of sorts. But given how busy schedules are and how we are often caught in a maze of things, resolutions are…

Productivity Strategy
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