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What Personality Type is Your True Project Manager?

Infograph showing different personality types in project management.
May 23, 2018 BY Namratha Mohan

Project managers consider experience to be the best teacher. After all, a lesson well learnt prevents you from committing the same mistakes twice. And there’s no better domain than project management to prove this right. From surveying team efforts and winning buy-in from stakeholders to prioritizing and scheduling tasks, no two days are alike in…

Resource Management
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Your guide to different employment types

April 2, 2018

Look no further than different resourcing contracts if you wish to save hours and costs efficiently! Create an eclectic workforce, from full-timers to contractors in optimal numbers, and get the pricing policy guaranteed to deliver projects on or before the dotted line. Your project quality speaks for itself with the right dose of talent in…

Resource Management
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Resources and Capabilities Analysis: The Human Resource Perspective

employees collaborating on team ventures
February 14, 2018 BY Namratha Mohan

Organizations are by default, people-centric. But how people and technology are connected truly determine the extent of your competitive advantage. When you analyze your resources and capabilities holistically, your organizational strategy becomes infallible over time. Your firm surveys all it’s capabilities and knowledge in order to enhance resource  efficiency and effectiveness. The skills your resources…

Resource Management
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Getting Resource Levelling Right for Projects

An image showing two project managers looking at resource levelling report.
February 7, 2018 BY Namratha Mohan

Behind every large and small organization are scores of people who are responsible for rolling out different products and services. This dependence on manpower can leave you vulnerable when a fraction of these valuable resources have limited availability. When circumstances change (and they do!) smart project planning is key to delivering your projects successfully. Resource…

Resource Management
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