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Reflections of 2017

Om Gupta explicitly cites the reason for Saviom's birth
November 29, 2017 BY Om Prakash

As 2017 comes to a close, here is a special edit from our Director’s desk… Saviom was conceived with the aim to map resources in a way that lets projects make the most out of the best skills in the industry. After all, it is people that shape up an organisation by upholding its core…

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Global Wind Service completes 20% more projects with 10% fewer resources using Saviom ERM

November 24, 2017

Global Wind Service (GWS) installs and maintains onshore as well as offshore wind turbines and has established an enviable clientele of multinationals from across the world. GWS wanted to complement its large-scaled expansion with a tool that not only replaced spreadsheets but also gave them forecasting maturity and intuitive insights. Once Saviom ERM was deployed,…

Case Studies
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5 Best Practices for Capacity Management

Image showing how implementing the best pratices of capacity management makes your employees happy.
November 15, 2017 BY Aakash Gupta

As an IT practitioner, you would be all too familiar with the pressure to keep up with digital technology whilst monitoring the adaptability and intelligence of existing IT systems. Technology only gets as good as the brains behind them which can be negatively impacted when existing resources are overworked trying to meet deadlines on increased…

Resource Management
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5 ways to Reduce Project Management Costs

Image showing two project managers trying to reduce the costs of project management.
November 7, 2017 BY Namratha Mohan

It goes without saying that costs overruns and budget misalignments can cost you a substantial amount. This is something that could derail operations in a project and it mostly has to do with project management. This is a task handled by experienced professionals who are aware of the stages of each project and should scope…

Project Management
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Benefits of Capacity Planning within Professional Services Companies

Image showing resource managers mapping their resources
November 2, 2017 BY Namratha Mohan

The atmosphere within the professional services sector is volatile and high-strung. The need to retain a contingent workforce has risen from both volatility and competition from businesses offering more for less. It makes sense then, to want actionable insights that speak volumes about how well the resource pool is utilised internally in different projects, irrespective…

Capacity Planning
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