Reducing employee costs with the wave of the technological wand

Last updated on May 25, 2018


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“I remember the days where I would be at work one afternoon, up to my neck in work and I would get a phone call. On the other line would be my boss telling me that the senior management was holding a meeting in a few hours about how they can cut company costs, and wanted me to be there to give them a breakdown on what our staff costs were. I would swear silently – how on earth could I put together the numbers in a way that reliably reflected the actual and projected costs of our employees in a few short hours? I would swear again, and then get to work, trying to pull together the information as best I could, knowing that many figures would get a rough estimate. It would be another late night at work. It’s times like that I wished I could wave a magic wand and have the report appear in front of me without putting in the hours of monotonous labour.”

Although the era of wand waving has long passed, we have a close alternative – computer software. Employee scheduling software means that by pushing a few buttons and clicking the mouse we can produce the staff reports we need on employee utilization, costing and scheduling.

However, albeit we are in the era of computers and sophisticated software, you would be surprised to know just how big a number of companies use excel spreadsheets, notebooks and weekly resourcing meetings to manage their employees. It is amazing that in this day and age so much time is wasted, and so many employees continue to be under engaged or poorly allocated on jobs. Not only that, but the fact that managers across hundreds of companies are still pulling their hair out, trying to efficiently allocate tens or hundreds of employees across lots of different projects and activities. It is a mammoth challenge that nobody should have tackle alone, and which is why Employee scheduling software exists.

Employee scheduling software allows managers to optimize the output of each employee. Where with simple clicks of the button you can see who the most and least utilised workers are, and can see graphs that compares their levels of availability. Software, where you can see the future picture of you business through capacity vs demand modules, and know within moments how many people you will need to hire in the upcoming months, or how much excess staff capacity you will have to find business opportunities for. Software where you can do clear and concise analysis showing you what your actual costs were in comparison to what you had anticipated based on bookings, seeing where you’ve done well, and where you could do better with your employee scheduling.

Thus, employee scheduling software not only saves you time as a manager who has to compile this information, but it also saves your company the cost of hiring additional staff and wasted staff time. There is little doubt that you could easily save your company the equivalent of at least a few staff. For example if you make a saving of five or six employees time, when you account for their salaries, training costs and other expenses, you can easily save half a million dollars in a very short period of time with minimal effort. Seems like a small investment to make for a great return, doesn’t it?

SAVIOM Resource Planning and Scheduling Software is sophisticated yet easy to use software that will enable you to see where staff costs can be minimised and employee output maximised. So that next time you get that phone call, asking you for a breakdown of staff employment, with a few clicks you will be able to give your management new ideas on how to cut costs and increase the value of your company.

SAVIOM is market leader in Resource Management Software. This software is quite affordable and easy to use.

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