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Saviom Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM)

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August 23, 2018

Building your own PMO suite lets you pick components that truly complement your business landscape. Select from project, program, resource and real-time business intelligence analytics to strategize proactively for the future. Detect and resolve project and resourcing roadblocks with Saviom EPPM’s flagship Early Warning systems. Experience sophistication with Saviom EPPM- Your PMO Solution, Your Way.

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Your guide to different employment types

April 2, 2018

Look no further than different resourcing contracts if you wish to save hours and costs efficiently! Create an eclectic workforce, from full-timers to contractors in optimal numbers, and get the pricing policy guaranteed to deliver projects on or before the dotted line. Your project quality speaks for itself with the right dose of talent in…

Resource Management
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How to track Resource Utilisation

December 13, 2017

Human resources are an organisation’s biggest asset as well as one of its biggest expenses. Smart utilisation of their time not only lets organisations achieve more with fewer hands, but also lets them retain a competitive pool of well-trained staff. Here’s how you can get started on tracking resource utilisation, the right way! For more…

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