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Agile Versus Waterfall – A Quick Comparison

Image showing an interactive storyboard engagimg agile users
October 25, 2017 BY Namratha Mohan

“The only constant is change” –Heraclitus. Whilst this is easier said than done, businesses today are aware of the need to have a contingency plan in place to keep up with constantly evolving requirements. The need to optimise process efficiency paved the way for Agile project management. Traditionally, the Waterfall approach to project management was…

Project Management
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Resource Types within Project Management – A Comprehensive Guide

A birds' eye view of all your resources
October 18, 2017 BY Namratha Mohan

The resource pool is an organisation’s biggest overhead. But, if run well, a highly skilled and well-adjusted workforce becomes every organisation’s biggest asset. Stumbling block businesses face today is the lack of visibility and consequent clarity on their workforce. The experience of making informed decisions would be greatly enhanced by knowing the resource types in…

Resource Management
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The different reports you can access on Saviom ERM Web

Representation of a report on Saviom ERM Web
October 11, 2017

The Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) space has seen an increase in organisations investing in both the tools and techniques needed to effectively oversee and manage their requirements. This is because businesses today have a better understanding of the benefits of migrating to a cost-effective web-based solution. It is only fitting that word of a feature-rich,…

Product News
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If World Leaders Penned Project Management Books…

A colourful representation of world leaders
September 20, 2017 BY Nityashree Yadunath

Leadership is best felt in normalcy. When administration is smooth, prices are predictable and lives are led peacefully… Needless to say, world leaders have unimaginable weight on their shoulders, striving for this normalcy and thus their political careers can be studied for professional and personal lessons too. Closer home, nuances of project management can also…

Resource Management
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Is Hyper-specialisation for You?

Different specialised professionals with multi-coloured background.
September 6, 2017 BY Nityashree Yadunath

No mention of hyper-specialisation is complete without crediting Adam Smith’s timeless ‘division of labour’ which he stated results in enhanced efficiency and higher quality. To understand hyper-specialisation better, let us consider Harvard Business Review’s words in its acclaimed article on the subject: “The term ‘hyperspecializsation’ is not synonymous with outsourcing work to other companies or…

Resource Management
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