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December 7, 2018 By

Here’s a special edition from the Director’s desk:

Saviom was conceived with the endeavor to end operational inefficiencies that arise from untapped potential, resulting in a truly mobilized workforce that empowers global multinational enterprises today.

The year 2018 has brought a slew of interesting conventions with it. Given the growing concern revolving around sustaining an agile PMO’s excellence across the project management landscape, I was glad that Saviom, as a sponsor participated in the 6th PMO Leadership Summit in partnership with Liquid Learning and the AIPM National Conference. Both events featured an esteemed panel of project leaders who elaborated on navigating the PMO landscape and the challenges of unifying people and performance with precision.

After comparing notes with reputable PMO leaders from different sectors, it was interesting to find everyone concur on resource management being the missing link between business strategy and the subsequent alignment of projects. After all, the best project management initiatives are devised by the right brains.

However, the challenges in doing so are plenty.

For one, filling the project pipeline with as many projects as possible results in the right priorities and resources getting overlooked. Which simply means that your projects are staffed without the certainty of deploying the right and available competencies in the right places. And for another, the lack of data-driven insights into both projects and resources causes a mismatch in the project’s promised benefits and actual value.

With the view to minimize these risks and their associated costs, I’m pleased to announce the inclusion of a dedicated PMO-centric tool to our intuitive product suites; Saviom Enterprise Project Portfolio Management. Built on the premise of unifying the principles of project portfolio and resource management, global PMO leaders will not only convert data to insights with enhanced resource forecasting intelligence but will also be in the position to record demonstrable value in the future.

Ushering new and familiar faces alike is one of the several joys of being in the Director’s Chair, more so knowing that business ties are strengthened by the trust in quality and service. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to announce the expansion of our client base with the likes of Deloitte, BlueScope Buildings, Honeywell (US), Fuji Xerox, Fujitsu (Australia and New Zealand), Apple Inc, Columbia Helicopters and Oakley on board. There’s no satisfaction greater than knowing that the Saviom ERM suite has boosted resource efficiency scales, helping our clients record a cost savings of 20% bi-annually.

Saviom Clients 2018

The next event I’ll be at is the 7th PMO leadership Summit slated to take place in Melbourne between 19-21 Feb 2019. I am looking forward to discussing the topics under the radar, from leveraging agility rightfully to partnering the PMO with decision-making drivers.

I end my musings with the certainty that no challenge in 2019 is too big for us to take on, particularly when it comes to building robust product suites that optimize efficiency to the best possible extent.

Here’s wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

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