Tips for Efficient Workforce Planning

January 12, 2018

Leading companies do not depend on luck to attract and keep the best talent. They spend a lot of resources to hire, train, and retain top-notch employees. Your company will be able to provide high-quality products and services only if you have high-quality talent.

To employ a dream team, you need to invest a lot of time and resources in workforce planning.

Efficient workforce planning helps to prevent employee turnover and hiring those with wrong skill sets. For effective workforce planning, you need to have clear data on your company’s attrition rates, skill gaps, and long-term objectives. In addition, you should know if your company is planning to expand its products and services or explore markets in new geographies. You should also look at the bigger picture and understand the technological, social, political, and economic issues that can have an impact on your hiring and employee retention activities.

Challenges in Workforce Planning

It can be hard to keep your employees motivated if you do not put the needed thought and care into your workforce planning processes. Many companies struggle to hire and keep the right staff members despite using software tools.  It is also recommended that you keep your talents’ skills gaps covered by constantly providing upgrade training. A cloud learning management system like TalentLMS is a good option to provide the requisite training to your employees, but you can always check for TalentLMS alternative solutions that match your unique needs.

Many companies have limited access to workforce data. As a result, they implement plans that are reactive to company issues and not proactive plans that preempt problems and prevent future challenges. Some companies do not have the expertise to analyze data on the labor market. Though they get access to relevant information, these companies are not able to use it properly to gain benefits.

In today’s business world, organizational roles and structures are changing at great speed. Technological innovations and new business models are being created constantly. Therefore, if you stick to old-fashioned workforce plans you will get left behind.

Image showing how workforce planning can help you structure your organization

Tips for Efficient Workforce Planning

Efficient and effective workforce planning needs to be both strategic and smart. It should be related to your business objectives and include all relevant factors and trends that impact talent hiring and workforce management.

Hire People with High-Demand Skills

Your company will be able to launch innovative products and services if it hires resources with cutting-edge technological skills. Therefore, look for candidates who have an established background in user experience, data science, machine learning, and software development to prepare your organization for the future.

Research Industry Trends

Learn about workforce characteristics and industry trends. Find out details about the skillsets other companies are searching for, the type of talent startups are hiring, their expansion strategies, and local and global trends that can have an impact on your company.

Look Beyond Your Industry

There is increasing demand for advanced skills as services and products evolve. For instance, automobile companies are now employing artificial intelligence (AI) and geographic information system (GIS) experts, tech specialists are in demand in finance and banking sectors, and healthcare workers are succeeding in the software development industry. This tip can be effective for businesses that create content or products for specific industries or markets.

Utilize Quality Software

This obvious strategy is often overlooked by companies. Make use of good software solutions for workforce planning and management. These solutions can help you in the planning stage and later on to create accurate models and predictions for your company’s future. Consult a reputed online directory that publishes reliable computer software rating to select suitable platforms for your business needs.  

What strategies is your company following for efficient workforce planning and management? Please share your insights on this topic in the comments section.


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