How Does Resource Scheduling Add To Your Bottom Line?

November 24, 2012 By

Most companies want to maximise their profit. They will often consider cutting staff, working staff harder, entering a new market, increasing advertising, amongst other things. However, companies often forget the importance of effective resource scheduling, because staff are usually the largest overhead a company has to deal with.

Below is a list of 4 reasons why effective resource scheduling through the use of powerful software brings profit to your company’s pocket.

Resource Scheduling Software means you will be able to:

1. Stop hiring unnecessary resources

Companies struggle to have visibility over their resources. What skills their employees have, what they’re capacity is, what their experience is. Hence when a team or division needs certain skills, availability and experience, instead of trying to find that resource within the organization, they often end up hiring a new person. Why? Because they don’t know that the right people already exist within the organization. Good resource scheduling software enables management to easily search and see what resources, skills and availability exist and as a result preventing you from committing to one of your largest costs.

2. No longer waste hours in scheduling employees and creating reports.

If a manager uses weak scheduling software or spreadsheets and word documents, then he or she usually spends hours and days firstly trying to figure out who to schedule on what job and when. Secondly the manager then spends an equal if not longer amount of time creating the reports that show the costs vs revenue, or budgeted vs actual, for each employee, project and team. It is a pain having to spend such long amounts of time manually doing work that should be completely automated in today’s digital world.

3. No longer waste hours in confusion and ambiguity that results from poor communication about the job schedule and project details.

When a manager isn’t using good resource scheduling software, what tends to happen is after they’ve finally finished scheduling their employees, they then need to communicate this to everyone (usually via email). This is usually followed by a list of amendments on the schedule due to reasons such as workers not being able to take on the project, confusion and misunderstanding in the email etc. Again the manager has to update the schedule and communicate this to his or her staff a second time. This will often happen several times, and managers will continue receiving queries from staff about the nature of the project, other details etc. As a result everyone’s time is wasted because there isn’t a transparent platform that instantaneously updates all relevant information, removing the need for all the unnecessary confusion, ambiguity and poor communication.

4. Start saying yes to more diverse and numbered projects

Resource scheduling software allows you to easily access staff beyond those you personally know or have worked with in the past within your team or division. Hence when a manager knows they have this access, they are able to say yes to a larger number and more diverse range of projects, because it becomes within their ability to deliver. This means more clients & customers, more work and more profit.

SAVIOM Resource Scheduling Software is powerful software that enables organizations to instantly start making cost savings and increasing the productivity of their resources and efficiency in their resource related operations. It provides accurate and informative reports at the click of a mouse and it is customisable and user friendly nature means that it is easily integrated into the daily operations of the company.

SAVIOM is market leader in Resource Management Software. This software is quite affordable and easy to use.

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