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Scrum, Agile And Critical Path: 3 Ws And An H

May 1, 2017 BY Emma Kurt

Project managers switch between different methodologies in order to make tasks flow faster and minimise efforts. While there are different project management methodologies, the one you choose for the project at hand must suit its requirements and each of them certainly have their advantages. Besides, even if the methodology you choose is absolutely akin to…

Resource Management
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FTE vs Hours : What Should You Use And When?

April 24, 2017 BY Aakash Gupta

One of the most essential components of accurate resource management is using the right metric to measure resource availability and usage. Yet, it is easily one of the most overlooked aspects. For example, metrics used to measure project hours and staff count are very different from each other. This makes it almost impossible to be…

Resource Management
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How Can You Future-Proof Your Workforce?

April 19, 2017 BY Nityashree Yadunath

Volatility is difficult to prepare for. However, considering globalization has increased the external risks businesses are exposed to, organizations are forced to be far more well prepared than they used to be. Typically, organizations get caught unawares by economic uncertainties and take ‘spur of the moment’ decisions that do not reflect well in the longer…

Resource Management
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Key Advantages Of Resource Management : Expert Opinion

April 19, 2017 BY Nityashree Yadunath

Content. Code. Capacity. If the Resource Management industry boils down to these three words, it directly points to stalwarts who make it all possible. So we sat down with an expert each from Content Marketing, Coding and Engineering Capacity Planning, for a heart to heart, in the hope of unearthing their biggest takeaway from the…

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How Can You Bridge Your Skill Gaps?

March 30, 2017 BY Nityashree Yadunath

You have enough projects and people. Yet when you are matching them, the puzzle does not fit together. Worse still, you are paying people for work they are not skilled enough to do and are converting projects that you know you’ll have to hire specially for. In short you have landed in a skill gap…

Capacity Planning Resource Management
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Saviom’s Latest Update: ‘What If Analysis’ And ‘Leave Module’

March 23, 2017

In our latest update, we redefine the intuitive nature of our ERM solution with an advanced ‘What if Analysis Tool’ and a comprehensive ‘Leave Module’, in a bid to make the software all the more effective, efficient and user-centric. WHAT IF  you had a crystal ball? What-if scenario analysis is a business planning methodology used…

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Consulting And Auditing: Overwork Is A Productivity Killer

March 20, 2017 BY Emma Kurt

Overwork has been mistaken as a means or measure of productivity despite its converse effect on real productivity. And, in the context of the Consulting and Auditing industry, it has intertwined with work culture so much so that it has long been accepted as the industry norm.  Naturally, when the industry seeks to reform its…

Capacity Planning Consulting and Auditing HR Management Productivity
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