Boost Productivity with Saviom Team Collaboration

Build a responsive, productive and tightly integrated team to deliver every project faster within budget and time.

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Create a Collaborative Work Culture to Improve Productivity

Saviom’s team collaboration platform connects distributed teams across work. This helps team members to collaborate and communicate efficiently and deliver project faster within the budget and time

Develop effective communication and build a responsive team

A single place for unified communication

Breakdown silos of communications and bring your teams together on a centralized platform to communicate efficiently across whole enterprise.

Build channels of conversation

Make communication efficient by creating different channels of conversation based on teams, projects, offices, subjects etc.

Prevent information overload

Deliver right amount of information to the right person at the right time with role-based security rights, portals and filters.

Bring Your Remote Teams Closer and Align them to Project Success

Bridge communication gaps in remote teams

Bridge communication gaps between remote teams and people working from home with the help of Saviom collaboration tool.

Link communication to task, issues, risk etc.

Make your communication faster and actionable by creating context to the project related activities like tasks, issues, risks etc.

Eliminate chaos and resolve urgent issues faster

Replace email chaos with structured messaging

Eliminate chaotic mail trails that lowers productivity. Use a social media style collaborative tool to communicate in a structured and efficient way.

Resolve issues faster by communicating with the right persons

Create a context to an issue and establish a communication channel fast with the right persons and resolve it faster.

Build a creative team by empowering your team members

Make ideas, feedbacks and lessons learnt actionable

Empower your teams to provide experiential insight, feedback and lessons learnt. Our team collaboration platform helps you gather this data and take them to actionable conclusions.

A project portfolio tool for high-impact project profitability

A configurable and Scale-free platform

Designed for a digitally-mature business

Seamless integration with your existing systems

Enhances overall productivity and profitability

Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems

Integrate with any of your existing systems for seamless data import and export:

Control your sync frequency

Real-time or batch integration with any data sources, including ERP, ERM, Project planning tools, PPM tools and HR.

Multiple data points

Choose the type of data to exchange (staff, projects, tasks, timesheet, leave etc.)

Only sync what you need

Interface with existing business intelligence and reporting systems.

Extensive reporting

Set up workflow alerts to streamline the workforce planning process.

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