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Last updated on November 24, 2017


Over the past couple of centuries there has been an evolution in the concept of workers. Once workers were acknowledged as people who had needs, desires, families and beliefs, however through a gradual move towards mass production, larger companies and shareholder driven profits, workers have increasingly become assumed to be faceless entities. Today, they are more often recognised through their productivity, cost of labour and the revenue they bring in.

Nevertheless, in recent years we’ve started to see a shift again. Workers again are starting to be recognised for their desires, skills, unique abilities and personalities. Managers are beginning to realise that for a successful business both in the long term and short term it is important that they feel cared for and satisfied. The question becomes how you successfully ensure they feel cared for and are satisfied.

Although there are a plethora of books and essays written on this, the answer is quite simple really – ask them what satisfies them and show them that you care about them.

Humans show one another they care through a variety of ways which include asking another person about who they are; what their interests, skills and talents are; and then listening to their responses with undivided attention. Most important is then remembering the responses for a future point in time where one may be able to support that person in achieving their interests and aspirations, or acknowledging that person’s skills and talents. The same way humans do this for their friends and family, managers can also do it for their workers. They can note down all that information about their workers, and remember those responses for a future point in time, which could range from utilising them in the jobs they want to work on to acknowledging and applauding the skills they may display.

In reality, the hard part in all of this is keeping track of all this information about your employees, especially when there are hundreds of them, and they’re moving around from one job, client or customer to the next. This is where good resource management software is useful. A manager should be able to keep track of and manage their resources in a way that they can keep more than just information on their employee’s positions and salaries.

Such software should integrate a resource section which acts as a portal for information on all human and non human resources. It needs a dynamic profiles application, where information is kept through a variety of fields. It has to document its employees in terms of their department, designation, which team they belong to and which managers they work under. However that’s just the beginning. It also should:

  • Specify the availability of the worker, whether they are part-time, fulltime or casual workers, noting it down in terms of percentages if the manager so desires.
  • Specify the skills of the workers, the level of the skills, and that person’s primary strengths and skills. Skills could range from expertise in excel spreadsheets, to expertise in painting and looking after children.
  • Define the different roles the employee has worked in, and what roles they would like to work in. Something that is very helpful in retaining staff and reducing turnover.
  • Be able to document career aspirations
  • Be able to attach documents such as resumes and examples of past work

Furthermore such software is useful for a manager who wants to do a financial analysis of a resource in terms of how much they’re costing versus the revenue they are bringing in, or availability of the employee into the future to enable managers to book them ahead of time.

SAVIOM Resource Planning and Scheduling Software is a great example of software that enables a company to manage their resources like they matter. Saviom has effortless yet powerful search functionalities for booking resources on jobs that allow a manager to input whatever search criteria they want based on interests, skills, availability and costs – so that the manager gets what they want and the resource managed as if he or she mattered.

SAVIOM is market leader in Resource Management Software. This software is quite affordable and easy to use.

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